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Breath of life

Man and beast both have the same breath in their nostrils (respiratory system): Job 34:14,15; 27:3; Isa 2:22. "Breath of life": Heb "neshama ruach" = lit "the breath of the spirit of life". "Neshama" is generally translated "breath", but sometimes "spirit" and even "soul", "blast", "inspiration"; lit a puff, a wind. Sig air, atmosphere: Job 37:10. The neshama (breath) contains the ruach (spirit), which sustains all life. God's ruach is everywhere (Psa 139:1-12; Mat 10:7; Jer 23:23,24). Man cannot escape it. But it is only available to him by means of the atmosphere (Job 33:4; Isa 42:5). See Gen 2:7. Never refers to an immortal entity: Job 26:4n.
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