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Jeremiah 28

Jer 28:1

Jer 28: "It is inevitable that faithful servants of the Deity will be challenged by those of a different persuasion. It has always been since Cain killed Abel. Jeremiah experienced similar things, when his prophecy was challenged by a foremost member of the order: Hananiah. The name Hananiah means 'Yah is gracious', but his opposition to Jeremiah indicated a perversion of the meaning of the name. It was a sad moment for the remnant in Jerusalem, as this leader stood against the prophet. So the record presents: [1] Hananiah's false prophecy: vv 1-4. The encounter dramatically took place in the temple before a large concourse of people. [2] Jeremiah's spirited reply: Time will test the matter: vv 5-9. [3] Hananiah's symbolic action, in breaking the wooden yoke: vv 10,11. [4] An answer: Wooden yokes would be replaced with iron: vv 12-14. Hananiah's false teaching would cause an attitude of mind among the people as to bring upon them even more severe punishments. That results from the dissemination of false teaching in every age. [5] Hananiah's death is predicted: vv 15-17. He had accepted the test of Deu 18:22, and imposed a short time limit. It is taken up by Jeremiah who frankly states that Hananiah is a false prophet and would die as such within the space of a few months. And so it came to pass. Significantly, he died in the very month of Atonement. His sins were not forgiven, as he spoke blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" (GEM).

Jer 28:13

Vv 13,14: The Jews might throw off the wooden yoke, but they would not be benefited by the change; in fact, much the reverse! There is a general principle here. Whenever men say of God and His Anointed, "Let us break their chains... and throw off their fetters" (Psa 2:3), they may do so if they please; but instead of the yokes of wood they will be sure to get yokes of iron. If they will not submit to the government of Christ, they will have to submit to the tyranny of Sin (Rom 6:16,17,20,23). All men have to wear some yoke, and serve some master, and if they reject the easy yoke of Christ (Mat 11:30), then there will be made for them yokes of iron, which they shall neither be able to bear nor cast off.

Jer 28:17

IN THE SEVENTH MONTH: 2 months after v 1.

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