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Jeremiah 16

Jer 16:1

Jer 16: "Jeremiah becomes a man apart, setting an example to display the divine displeasure at the attitude of the nation. He was forbidden to marry (vv 1-4). Fruitfulness was promised as a blessing under the Law (Deu 28:4), but ceased to be so under the difficult times now impending in Jerusalem. Further, he was forbidden to enter the house of mourning (vv 5-7). Times of trouble were about to break over the nation to cause normal mourning to be superfluous. He was forbidden to enter the house of joy (vv 8,9), for it would be a folly in view of the impending judgment. But the people stood opposed to the prophet, and therefore he answers the people (vv 10-13), giving a glimmer of hope to a faithful remnant (vv 14,15). Yet punishment upon Israel must first be experienced (vv 16-18), and would lead ultimately to the conversion of the Gentiles (vv 19-21). It is significant that this remarkable chapter concludes with the Covenant Name. So the Gentiles, by manifestation of divine power in the latter-days, will be brought within the covenant. Jeremiah's experience is not only typical of the suffering servitude of the Lord Jesus, but an example of faithfulness in today's apathy. The brotherhood, with the world, is facing the day of judgment, and needs to follow the pattern of Jeremiah in his dedicated service and unstinting sacrifice for the cause of the Truth, notwithstanding the opposition of the ecclesia" (GEM).

Jer 16:2

God controls the lives of the prophets (even their marriages) -- cp Ezekiel and Hosea -- to His ultimate purposes.

Jer 16:16

FISHERMEN: Herzl, Zionism, Balfour Declaration.

HUNTERS: Russian pogroms, Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust.

Jer 16:21

In the final scenes, both Jews and Gentiles have reason to know God's mighty hand.

KNOW THAT MY NAME IS THE LORD: To know the name of Yahweh is to worship rightly.
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