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Jeremiah 4

Jer 4:1

Jer 4: "Jeremiah saw the beginnings of the deterioration of the monarchy. It had reached the fulness of its iniquity, although a remnant of faith remained. The prophet issues an appeal to return to their former spiritual heights and to uphold the divine righteousness. There were three principles they must observe to reveal that Yahweh lives: His Truth, Judgment and Righteousness. These three elements are revealed in the work of Messiah. Christ was first the Truth when he appeared on earth; he became the Judgment in his priestly mediatorial role in heaven; he will finally be seen as the Righteousness when he returns to justify his faithful ones. But because Judah largely ignored these principles, judgment upon them was inevitable. Jeremiah explained that impending troubles stem from Yahweh's anger (vv 3-8), that the extent of coming destruction would be grievous (vv 9-13); that true inward repentance was the only hope for individuals (vv 14-18); and an example was seen in the prophet's deep, personal concern (vv 19-22); apart from such a return, Judah would be completely destroyed (vv 23-31). Notice the repetition of 'I beheld' in vv 23,24,25,26. Judah was in danger of returning to the very condition of the world before creation, because of a refusal to conform to the divine image. The sad story of Jeremiah would witness the sinfulness of mankind" (GEM).

Jer 4:3

Cp parable of sower: esp Mat 13:7.

Jer 4:7

In some cases, poetic overstatement. This was fulfilled by Nebuchadnezzar (Jer 44:2,6; 52:5-8), but even so some Jews were left (Jer 52:15,16).

Jer 4:11

A SCORCHING WIND: The "scirroco" (HistGeo 52).

Jer 4:15

FROM DAN: In the far north, the direction of Babylon's invasion (Eze 1:4).

Jer 4:23

Vv 23-26: This is powerful, shattering language. The prophet sees the LORD reversing the effect of the days of the original Creation. In Genesis, the Divine work was designed to develop order out of chaos; here, it is designed to develop chaos out of order!

Jer 4:24

Earthquakes accompany awesome manifestations of God: Exo 19:18; Jdg 5:4; Psa 77:18; 114:4; Isa 2:10-22; Jer 4:24; Eze 38:20; Joe 3:16; Amo 9:1,5; Zec 14:4; Rev 6:12; 11:19; 16:18.

Jer 4:30

Allusions to Jezebel, and her fate: "When Jezebel heard about it, she painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out of a window" (2Ki 9:30,31). But it was all "in vain" -- the servants threw her down to her death.

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