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Proverbs 28

Pro 28:2

RULERS: Petty lords and tax-gatherers who live by fear. Arab curse: 'May God multiply your sheiks!' (LB 320).

Pro 28:3

RULER: KJV has "poor (resh) man", but NIV has "ruler" (rosh).

A DRIVING RAIN: Described in LB 321.

Pro 28:13

Sin can be "covered" by God only if it is "uncovered" by man!

Pro 28:17

FUGITIVE TILL DEATH: Or, as KJV, "will flee to the pit"... because he cannot flee to a city of refuge (Deu 19:11).

Pro 28:19

"This thought applies not only to the tilling of the land but to all humble callings which will give bread. From such humble security men are lured in every year that passes, and many of them follow vain persons to poverty and sorrow. Closely following this passage -- in the next verse [Pro 28:20] -- we have the warning against making haste to be rich.

"The exhortation is needed now as much as ever. Often those who are most bitter in their criticisms of the rich are those who have tried hastily and unsuccessfully to follow in their wake. The Government has had to warn people against 'share pushers'. All such swindlers use a golden bait, and it is surprising how many people who ought to know better have succumbed to their blandishments. There are still plenty of fraudulent enterprises even on the right side of the law, and men ready to take the money of those who 'make haste to be rich' " (PrPr).

Pro 28:20

ONE EAGER TO GET RICH WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED: "When money-making becomes a man's target, his moral principles become elastic and he is tempted to adopt shady methods in order to achieve his aim the more efficiently" (WGos 216).

Pro 28:21

Even the "greatest" of men might transgress.

Pro 28:22

EAGER TO GET RICH: The lesson of Lot: Gen 13:10-13; 19:17.

Pro 28:24


Pro 28:26

Biblical "fools": The rich fool (Luke 12:20). The unbelieving fool (Psa 53:1). The self-righteous fool (Pro 28:26). The scornful fool (Pro 14:9). The righteous "fool" (1Co 4:10).

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