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Proverbs 19

Pro 19:17

AND HE WILL REWARD HIM: ...Since God is indebted to no man! He pays wonderful "interest" on loans to Him!

Pro 19:18

See Lesson, Prov, parents and children.

Pro 19:21

Man must approach God only in the way appointed: Gen 4 (Cain), 1Ki 5 (Naaman).

Pro 19:24

It is to be doubted that any man has ever been, truly, this lazy. But the Scripture uses hyperbole, or exaggeration, to make the point: IF a man could be so lazy as not to bother eating, when the food is prepared and placed right before him... then a man might be so lazy -- and foolish! -- as to refuse the nourishment of the Word of God, even when the Bible is at hand, or on his bookshelf, and in his lap. The sad fact is that the second of these pictures is very often true.

It reminds us of the story of the shipwrecked men, adrift in the open sea, who were dying of thirst. When they finally sighted and got the attention of an ocean liner, they called out, desperately, "Please give us water!" And they were told, "Reach into the water beside you, and drink it!" It was only then that they discovered that their little raft had drifted into the great outflow area of the Amazon River, and that for miles around, the waters of the river had overwhelmed the salt waters, and they had been floating upon waters that were pure and fresh and perfectly safe to drink!

Food and drink, nourishment beyond imagining, is at our fingertips. Open your Bibles. "Eat!" "Drink!"

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