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Proverbs 22

Pro 22:1

See 1Ki 1:47; Rth 4:11; Ecc 7:1; Luk 10:20; Phi 4:3. And so Samuel chose a good name over riches: 1Sa 12:3.

GOOD: Sb omitted: a "name" (ie Yahweh) is more desirable than...

Pro 22:3

REFUGE: As Isa 26:20.

Pro 22:6

See Lesson, Prov, parents and children.

START A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO, AND WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT TURN FROM IT: "A statement of general tendencies and not of an inexorable law. Human beings are neither machines nor plants. They have a power of choice; they can respond to good influences or they can be rebellious. Some very good men have had a bad early training and some very bad men were given every opportunity in the instruction of their early days. One of the surprising discoveries made by each successive generation is that children differ from the very cradle" (PrPr).

Pro 22:12

THE EYES OF THE LORD KEEP WATCH OVER KNOWLEDGE: The Bible, preserved from and through antiquity, for our edification.

HE FRUSTRATES THE WORDS OF THE UNFAITHFUL: See 2Sa 17:14: the counsel of the unfaithful Ahithophel, frustrated by Hushai.

Pro 22:14

MOUTH OF AN ADULTERESS: Prob euphemism for vagina: cp same idea in Pro 30:20.

Pro 22:15

See Lesson, Prov, parents and children.

Pro 22:20

THIRTY: This translation is based on LXX. Supposedly 30 sections from here through Pro 24:22 (CPro).

Pro 22:26

DO NOT BE A MAN WHO STRIKES HANDS IN PLEDGE OR PUTS UP SECURITY FOR DEBTS: Never lend money unless you can afford to lose it. "In this matter adults often reveal less capacity for learning than children. They have the advantage of books containing all the accumulated wisdom of mankind, and beyond all this and permeating a great deal of it, there is the instruction that has come direct from God, yet the knowledge is very little used. Life is full of avoidable evils through men ignoring principles or rules of conduct which are perfectly well known, and which have had their wisdom demonstrated in every generation.

"Sometimes the individual failure is so obvious that almost all observers smile at it. I recall two instances of this kind in which the facts were related by the victim when sufficient time had passed for him to join in the amusement. The first was of a capable business man who lightheartedly put his name to paper and became surety for another without even knowing the full extent of his commitment. As is usual in such cases, the one thus assisted failed to pay his way, and the guarantor was for some weeks on the verge of ruin, not knowing when the crushing blow would fall. While in this worried condition he one day opened the Bible to find a little consolation, and almost the very first passage he read was one in Proverbs warning men against the very folly he had committed. 'What a foolish man I am', he thought. 'I have carelessly brought myself into this trouble, when all the while the whole matter is explained in the Bible in the most up-to-date manner. If I had read it before I might have been warned' " (PrPr).

STRIKES HANDS: "It is interesting to note the expression 'strike hands' in this connection. It suggests that without any signature, the offering and acceptance of the hand would constitute a bond which no one would repudiate. We may sometimes see in English cattle markets a custom which is probably a survival of that to which the wise man refers. Two men will be haggling over the price of a beast. Finally the vendor, having made a concession, declares that he will take nothing less. He holds out his right hand, stating the price, and perhaps with quite a dramatic indication of finality. The buyer, with no show of enthusiasm, and without saying a word, strikes the outstretched hand with his own palm and the sale is effected. Surely a survival from three thousand years or more" (PrPr).

Pro 22:28

ANCIENT BOUNDARY STONE: As the landmarks, or bounds, of the land when divided amongst tribes and families, etc. Cp Deu 19:14; 27:17; Hos 5:10.

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