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Proverbs 27

Pro 27:1

Two wrongs: boasting about tomorrow (here), and fretting about tomorrow (Mat 6:34). See Jam 4:13 (because we must submit to God); Luk 12:16-21.

Pro 27:2

AND NOT YOUR OWN MOUTH: Which would be the act of a "fool", as Paul says in 2Co 6:5-12; 12:11. Ct Mat 8:8 with Luk 7:3,4,9.

Pro 27:4

JEALOUSY: As of a wronged husband (Pro 6:34).

Pro 27:5

HIDDEN LOVE: That is, "love" that never shows itself in speaking truth or giving counsel (Pro 27:16). Cp Lev 19:17. Ct Pro 27:6!

Pro 27:6

KISSES: Judas in Mat 26:48-50.

Pro 27:7

HE WHO IS FULL LOATHES HONEY: Cp Num 11:4-20; 21:5; Psa 78:25: "this light bread". Cp "rich" Laodiceans (Rev 3:17,18).

EVEN WHAT IS BITTER TASTES SWEET: Thus he rejoices in "bitter" tribulations, knowing they come from God.

Pro 27:8

See 1Co 7:24; Gen 34:1,2.

Pro 27:9

// Pro 7:17; 21:17.

Pro 27:10

AND THE FRIEND OF YOUR FATHER: Examples: 1Ki 5:1-10; Gen 48:15,16.

DO NOT GO TO YOUR BROTHER'S HOUSE: // Pro 17:17; 18:24. Better a friend who is "near" to us than even a brother who is "far away".

Pro 27:13

A stranger should not be indiscriminately favored with a loan; he may use it for a prostitute: cp Pro 20:16. Cp, generally, Pro 6:1; 11:15; 17:18; 20:16; 22:26.

Pro 27:14

LOUDLY: That is, extravagantly, insincerely. Gratitude should be offered in secret (cp Mat 6:5,6; Pro 26:24,25; 27:2; Psa 12:2). Cp the flattery of Tertullus with the sincerity of Paul in Act 24:1-10, and the deceitful talk of the Pharisees in Mat 22:16.

CURSE: Men should not desire praise and flattery from other men.

Pro 27:15

// Pro 19:13.

A CONSTANT DRIPPING: Water leaking through clay roofs.

Pro 27:16

RESTRAINING THE WIND: Impossible. Such a woman is an embarrassment which cannot be hidden.

GRASPING OIL WITH THE HAND: "The ointment of thy right hand, which bewrayeth itself" (KJV). So very strong that, if a person walks by, the scent fills the street (LB 294).

Pro 27:17

Man was framed not for solitude but for society: see Mal 3:16. But remember that "iron sharpening iron" can generate a good deal of friction and heat... and can be rather unpleasant!

"This suggests that even those of equal knowledge and ability can sharpen each other. It is not necessary to have a qualified teacher to enable us to learn. A man's ideas are 'right in his own eyes, but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.' The neighbour may not be of equal calibre with the one he so 'searches' and yet his criticisms may be of great value. The original idea may need a good deal of modification to make it sound, and the explanatory words may need much clarifying to make them fully intelligible. We may often be surprised at the failure of our friends to appreciate a good thought or to understand language which seems perfectly clear to us. If we are to render service our thoughts must be such as can be appreciated and our language must be easy to understand. A very humble critic may serve us well by misunderstanding us, if he tells us of his difficulties" (PrPr).

Pro 27:18

Care for and nurture your important relationships, as you might a fruit tree. Cp Psa 33:20; 123:2; Mat 25:21.

Pro 27:19

The word of God as a mirror -- to reveal clearly our hearts. Whatever the distinguishing characteristics in ourselves, we discover and elicit in others.

Pro 27:20

See Pro 30:6; ct Isa 55:1,2; Mat 11:28,29.

Pro 27:21

Observe what a man prides himself upon, and you will know what kind of man he is.

Pro 27:22

The child might so be changed (Pro 22:15), but not so easily the grown man.

Pro 27:23

In the spiritual sense (1Pe 5:2-4)...

Pro 27:25

That is, as the seasons follow one another in a natural progression...

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