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Job 40

Job 40:4

I AM UNWORTHY -- HOW CAN I REPLY TO YOU?: But it was only when the sinner knew himself to be unworthy, with no extenuating circumstances to plead, that God could begin the process of instruction that leads to repentance, which in turn brings forgiveness and renewal!

Job 40:10

"If you are righteous, then put on my 'clothes'!"

Job 40:11

What method could Job devise to accomplish these things?

Job 40:12

PROUD: That is, behemoth (vv 15-24).

WICKED: That is, leviathan (Job 41).

Job 40:13

The proud, like Job, are abased for their own sake.

Job 40:15

Job 40:15.

BEHEMOTH: "Behema" = beast. Plural, prob intensive plural, sig "great beast". Water buffalo (LB 250)? Or hippopotamus (ISBE, NIV mg, RV mg, RSV mg). Or elephant (NIV mg also). Poss also an oblique ref to the great Bull-god, or Ba'al -- who in Canaanite mythology fought epic battles with Yamm, the god of the ocean, also called Leviathan (cp Job 41:1): see Lesson, Leviathan ("Conflict in Nature").

WHICH I MADE ALONG WITH YOU: By impl, "which I made to be like you". Job is invited to see his own proud self through God's eyes.

WHICH FEEDS ON GRASS: The people are grass, esp the wicked: Psa 37:2; 90:5; Isa 40:6-8. True also of the great Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, who became like a beast under the hand of God (Dan 4:25).

Job 40:16

MUSCLES: Heb "shariyr" = cord; umbilical cord, or "navel" (AV). Sym source of strength, nourishment.

BELLY: "Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things" (Phi 3:19).

Job 40:18

And thus his "heart" is unapproachable!

Job 40:19

Similar language is used of the kings of Babylon/Assyria (Isa 14) and Tyre (Eze 28).

Job 40:21

The sow that was washed, and yet still wallows in the mire (Pro 26:11; 2Pe 2:22).

Job 40:23

Not even the flooding of Jordan can disturb him. As to a beastly kingdom, see Isa 8:7, re Assyria.

Job 40:24

PIERCE HIS NOSE: Cp Eze 38:4, "hooks in jaws": re Gog/Magog...

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