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Job 37

Job 37:1

The thunder of the approaching storm (v 2) is more than just nature at work. Elihu recognizes the approaching presence of God.

Job 37:6

HE SAYS TO THE SNOW, 'FALL ON THE EARTH': "The snow falls in beautiful showers almost every year, and covers the face of nature. Multitudes admire its beauties, but few understand its singular formation, important uses, and varied design. These things ought not so to be. We should make ourselves acquainted with the works of God, especially such common gifts as the rain, and wind, and snow. This would lead our thoughts from nature to nature's God; and then His wisdom, and power, and goodness as seen therein would excite our admiration. The snow, this wonderful creature of God, has been thus described -- 'Snow is a moist vapour drawn up from the earth to, or near the middle region of the air, where it is condensed, or thickened into a cloud, and falls down again like carded wool, sometimes in greater and sometimes in lesser flakes. The snow and the rain are made of the same matter, and are produced in the same place, only they differ in their outward form, as is obvious to the eye, and in their season. Rain falls in the warmer seasons, the clouds being dissolved into rain by heat; snow falls in the sharper seasons, the clouds being thickened by the cold. The place where the snow is generated is in the air, from thence it receives a command to dispatch itself to the earth, and there to abide' " (HW Beecher).

Job 37:14

STOP: Or "stand still": "Stand still and see the salvation of God" (Exo 14:13; 2Ch 20:17). "Stand still and hear God's commandments" (Num 9:8). "Stand still that I may show you the word of God" (1Sa 9:27). "Stand still that I may reason with you" (1Sa 12:7). "Stand still and consider the works of God" (Job 37:14).

Job 37:21

See Geog 49.

Job 37:23

The final declaration before God himself speaks: "He is Righteous and He is Mighty, and so we revere him."

Job 37:24

When Job finishes, neither Job nor his 3 friends reply.

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