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Job 28

Job 28:1

Job 28: See Article, God moves in a mysterious way.

Vv 1-11: Man finds the precious things of the earth. Such precious metals are, however, actually provided by God -- just as He provides Christ for our redemption.

MINE: "Vein" (AV); lit, source, outlet.

Job 28:3

MAN PUTS AN END TO THE DARKNESS: By bringing a light into the dark mine...

Job 28:7

God's way is not known by any "bird of prey"/"falcon" (unclean birds = Gentiles): v 21.

Job 28:11

HE SEARCHES THE SOURCES OF THE RIVER: "He binds the floods from overflowing" (AV). From Ugaritic, as explained in MNIV 98.

Job 28:12

BUT WHERE CAN WISDOM BE FOUND?: "Even nature in her silent proclamation of God tells us not the truth of this matter. She tells us in her majestic solitudes that there must be a Master somewhere, and a purpose equal to her greatness; but she speaks not of Christ as the answer to her needs. If she only is our teacher, with all the great sky, the mighty mountain, the towering crag, the deep ravine, the thick forest and smiling plain, the opening flower and hum of insect life, the song of the birds and the lowing cattle, the beautiful landscape and the great and wide sea -- she will but fill us with a sense of dreariness as of the emptiness of a majestic and splendid hall interior without an audience or entertainment. To find Christ, we must seek Him where He is to be found, and where, at present, God has appointed He should only be found" (SC 157).

Job 28:14

SEA: "Yam", poss ref to the Canaanite sea-god; a great sea-monster.

Job 28:16

OPHIR: See Lesson, Ophir.

Job 28:28

LORD: Orig "Yahweh" altered to "Adonai" by Sopherim (Comp App 32).

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