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1 Kings 14

1Ki 14:1

1Ki 14: "The sin of Jeroboam was that he perverted the divine worship -- and not that he directly opposed it. He neutralised the spirit of David and Solomon within the nation, by tampering with and weakening the principle of worship. The festivals, sacrifices, sabbaths, etc, of the Law continued in the northern kingdom (Hos 2:11; 6:6; 8:13; 9:4). Tithes, etc, were brought to the temple at Bethel (Amos 4:4; 5:21-22). The Psalms of David were heard (Amos 5:23; 6:5), but the people were deterred from worshipping at Jerusalem (Deu 12:11). There was an encouragement to ignore the fundamentals of Faith, and to ignore those who were valiant for the Truth in times past. There was a deliberate change of policy to allow a greater liberty of expression, and political pressure on those who desired to uphold the things of the past. Now sickness and death strike at Jeroboam's family, the premonition of greater tragedy to come.

"So the prophet Ahijah was instructed to convey the divine warning to Jeroboam (vv 1-16); but the appeal of the king was to no avail, for the child died (vv 17,18), and this was followed by the death of Jeroboam (vv 19,20). Meanwhile, in Judah to the south, Rehoboam's reign brought an evil environment (vv 21-24). Then came the invasion of Shishak of Egypt (vv 25-28), concluding with the death of Rehoboam (vv 29-31). It was a sad story of failure by a nation that ignored its pioneer spirit of former times" (GEM).

1Ki 14:15

ASHERAH: See Lesson, Asherah.

1Ki 14:23

ASHERAH: See Lesson, Asherah.

1Ki 14:24

MALE SHRINE PROSTITUTES: "Sodomites" (AV). " 'Qadhesh' denotes properly a male temple prostitute, one of the class attached to certain sanctuaries of heathen deities, and 'consecrated' [the Heb rt word means lit, and sarcastically, 'holy'!] to the impure rites of their worship. Such gross and degrading practices in Yahweh's land could only be construed as a flagrant outrage; and any association of these with His pure worship was abhorrent (Deu 23:17,18): The presence of Sodomites is noted as a mark of degeneracy in Rehoboam's time (1Ki 14:24). Asa endeavored to get rid of them (1Ki 15:12), and Jehoshaphat routed them out (1Ki 22:46). Subsequent corruptions opened the way for their return, and Josiah had to break down their houses which were actually "in the house of the Lord" (2Ki 23:7). The feminine 'qedheshah' is translated 'prostitute' in Gen 38:21,22; Hos 4:14; Deu 23:17 (the KJV mg has 'sodomitess'; the RV mg simply transliterates). The English word is, of course, derived from Sodom, the inhabitants of which were in evil repute for unnatural vice" (ISBE).

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