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1 Kings

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1 Kings 1

1Ki 1:1

See Lesson, 1Ki / 2Ki, overview.

When David is old and becomes unable to rule effectively, he delays in designating and installing Solomon as his successor. Adonijah seeks to take advantage of David's delay, setting out to beat Solomon to the punch by proclaiming himself to be king (1Ki 1:5). He is a very handsome man, born after Absalom, and apparently never is told "No" by David (1Ki 1:6). Joab and Abiathar, the priest, join with Adonijah in his conspiracy. David is finally persuaded by Bathsheba and Nathan the prophet to publicly appoint Solomon as his successor to the throne. When Solomon takes the throne of his father, he allows Adonijah to live (for a time), but he is finally put to death when he seeks once again to oust Solomon and assume the throne over Israel (by asking to be given Abishag, David's concubine).

KEEP WARM: Heb "yacham" = to be hot, fig to conceive (cp sw Gen 30:38,39,41; 31:10; Psa 51:5).

1Ki 1:6

HE... WAS BORN NEXT AFTER ABSALOM: See 2Sa 3:3,4; 1Ch 3:2. Adonijah was 4th in age of David's 19 sons, and 2 (and poss 3) of his older brothers had died. He prob presumed the kingdom was his by right of age.

1Ki 1:21

I AND MY SON SOLOMON WILL BE TREATED AS CRIMINALS: Because of adultery and murder of Uriah.

1Ki 1:34

Zadok the priest // Melchizedek priesthood of Christ (Heb 7:11,12).

1Ki 1:38

THE KERETHITES AND THE PELETHITES: A bodyguard -- prob of Philistines. Benaiah was over them (2Sa 20:23).

1Ki 1:47

AND THE KING BOWED IN WORSHIP ON HIS BED: As did Jacob, when in faith he spoke of his burial, not in Egypt, and blessed the 2 sons of Joseph (Heb 11:21).

1Ki 1:50

ADONIJAH... WENT AND TOOK HOLD OF THE HORNS OF THE ALTAR: Cp Exo 29:37: whatever touches the altar shall be holy.

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