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1 Kings

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1 Kings 9

1Ki 9:2

HE HAD APPEARED TO HIM AT GIBEON: When Solomon had asked for knowledge (1Ki 3:5-9).

1Ki 9:11

TWENTY TOWNS IN GALILEE: It looks very much here as if Galilee, the land of Jesus, was looked down upon (Isa 9:1; cp Joh 1:46), and considered unimportant by King Solomon (who symbolizes the Jews); it was also called "good for nothing" or "dirty" by Hiram (who symbolizes the Gentiles).

1Ki 9:13

After inspecting these cities, Hiram gave them back to Solomon (2Ch 8:2). The despised, "good-for-nothing", "dirty" Galilean cities were passed back and forth -- from Jew to Gentile and back again. Thus they represent the despised Jesus of Nazareth -- in Galilee -- for, at the time of his trial, he was also passed back and forth between Herod the Jew and Pilate the Gentile!

1Ki 9:15

SUPPORTING TERRACES: "Millo" (NIV mg; AV). From rt "to fill". Fortifications on the west side of Jerusalem, built by David (2Sa 5:9; 1Ch 11:8), Solomon (here), and Hezekiah (2Ch 32:5) (IBD).

1Ki 9:28

OPHIR: See Lesson, Ophir.

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