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2 Samuel

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2 Samuel 20

2Sa 20:1

2Sa 20: The spirit of revolt, rebellion, schism. "Civil war sweeps Israel. David realises that his own failure in regard to Bathsheba had continued to affect his circumstances. The internecine controversy between the tribes gave opportunity for any turbulent spirit to attempt to renew the rebellion of Absalom and multitudes flooded to the standard of revolt. The meanest man may pull down a wall, set fire to a palace, or whisper slander about the King. The remarkable thing is that whilst society realises this, it is ready to lend an ear to every wicked speaker who arises, insisting upon the old and detestable sophism that although the report may not be wholly and literally true, there must be some foundation in it. So the record sets out: [1] Sheba raises the standard of revolt: vv 1,2. [2] David commissions Amasa to crush the rebellion: vv 3-5. [3] Amasa is murdered: vv 8-13. [4] Sheba besieged in Abel: vv 14,15. [5] Fear in the city: vv 16-22. [6] David's standing restored: vv 23-25. The king's position was now established beyond doubt. And there is little doubt that, but for Joab, Sheba's revolt may have been successful. David's hands were tied in regard to any retaliation against Joab by his own folly in the matter of Uriah" (GEM).

2Sa 20:3

WIDOWS: In this case, "widows" of a living man!

2Sa 20:8

AS HE STEPPED FORWARD, IT DROPPED OUT OF ITS SHEATH: Such a sword, held by girdle in a near-horizontal position (IBD).

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