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2 Samuel

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2 Samuel 4

2Sa 4:1

2Sa 4: "The trauma of establishing the throne of David on the background of Saul's reign is very clearly revealed in the opening chapters of 2Sa. Bloodshed, violence, intrigue and murder were prevalent, as the families of Saul and David became entrenched in combat. Hebron became the capital of Judah for seven years, while the northern tribes endeavoured to establish their unity. 2Sa 4 records the murder of Ishbosheth... followed by David's judgment and punishment of the murderers" (GEM).

Prob Ishbosheth thought that Abner was still loyal, and that his outburst (2Sa 3:8-10) was only a temporary fit of temper. Ishbosheth depended wholly on Abner.

2Sa 4:6

WHEAT: That is, provisions for troops.

2Sa 4:7

BY WAY OF THE ARABAH: Through the Jordan Valley from Mahanaim down to Hebron.

2Sa 4:9

WHO HAS DELIVERED ME OUT OF ALL TROUBLE: God had always delivered David; he did not need the help of wicked men.

"The more things collapse around us, and in our affairs, the more important closeness to God is, and the more important it is realized to be, if we are of the right mind. This is the blessing of adversity. This is why Paul 'rejoiced in sufferings' [Rom 5:3] and James 'counted it all joy when he fell into divers temptations' [Jam 1:2]" (GVG).

2Sa 4:11

INNOCENT: Not necessarily "righteous" (as KJV), although poss repentant.

2Sa 4:12

BY THE POOL IN HEBRON: At a place of public resort -- as a proclamation.

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