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2 Samuel

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2 Samuel 14

2Sa 14:1

2 Sa 14: "Problems in David's family continue. His son Absalom, now the eldest and in line for the throne, conspires against his father, thus repeating the attitude of king Saul against the shepherd-elect. But, like Saul, Absalom has no scruples against Yahweh's Anointed! He meditates on seizing the throne. But the powerful Joab acts with a political intent. [1] Joab schemes to fetch Absalom home: vv 1-3. Three years have passed, and Joab seeks opportunity to influence David. [2] Then came a woman of Tekoah with a plea: vv 4-11. She presents a case in which forgiveness should be exercised. One brother had killed another, but had been incited to do so. She pleaded the intervention of David, who was so touched by the case, he granted the request. Then the case became personal. [3] The woman pleads for Absalom: vv 12-17. Although the nation endorsed the action of the king, it was a subtle suggestion, that if the king recalled Absalom from exile, his action would be endorsed by the people. It was a suggestion based on what Joab knew the king wanted. [4] Absalom is recalled but not forgiven: vv 18-24. Then the record reveals: [5] Absalom's appealing responsibility: vv 25-27. His was an appeal to the flesh, and traded on such appeal. He became renowned for his hair. the weight of which was recorded throughout the kingdom. [6] Absalom seeks power: vv 28-33. Though recalled from exile, the king's obvious disapproval of Absalom stood in the way of his ambition and power. Absalom reveals the ruthlessness of his nature in this action towards Joab" (GEM).

2Sa 14:7

THE ONLY BURNING COAL: The one surviving ember after the fire has been extinguished.

2Sa 14:11

NOT ONE HAIR OF YOUR SON'S HEAD WILL FALL TO THE GROUND: A phrase descriptive of long life: Luk 12:7; 21:18; Mat 10:30; Acts 27:34; 1Sa 14:45; 2Sa 14:11.

2Sa 14:13

DOES HE NOT CONVICT HIMSELF?: "You are the man!" (2Sa 12:7). 'Should not Absalom, the heir, be treated with at least as much respect as the lowliest of your subjects?' (Note: David seems powerless to do the right thing, time after time.)

2Sa 14:14


2Sa 14:23

Joab seems to be growing increasingly proud of his high position with David.

2Sa 14:25

Absalom possesses physical perfection with moral imperfection -- a deadly combination!

FROM THE TOP OF HIS HEAD TO THE SOLE OF HIS FOOT THERE WAS NO BLEMISH IN HIM: "From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no soundness -- only wounds and welts and open sores, not cleansed or bandaged or soothed with oil" (Isa 1:6).

2Sa 14:26

TWO HUNDRED SHEKELS: 3 lbs 2 oz (JFB), or 5 lbs (Dummelow, NIV mg).

2Sa 14:27

THREE SONS AND A DAUGHTER WERE BORN TO ABSALOM: But later he had no son: 2Sa 18:18.

2Sa 14:29

BUT JOAB REFUSED TO COME TO HIM: Joab did not want to risk another scheme to change David's mind. Cp v 19: David was wise to Joab's plans.

2Sa 14:32

IF I AM GUILTY OF ANYTHING, LET HIM PUT ME TO DEATH: A veiled hint at David's greater guilt. Cp 2Sa 13:21: what could David do? His sin weakened his power and authority to act.

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