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Deuteronomy 31

Deu 31:1

Deu 31: Moses informs the people that he is not permitted to enter the Land of Promise, so that they must be led there by another man appointed by God: Joshua the son of Nun. Both the people and their new leader are exhorted to faith and courage, with the assurance that the LORD will be an unfailing source of help if they manifest those qualities. The discourse is interrupted by an incident in which open endorsement of Joshua's appointment is made by a divine revelation, and a very solemn warning is given of coming apostasy and its consequences. The section concludes with a charge given to Joshua.

The chapter may be divided into the following sections: (1) The people are exhorted to faith and courage (vv 1-6); (2) Joshua is appointed and charged (vv 7,8); (3) The Law is delivered to the priests for instruction of the people (vv 9-13); (4) Yahweh gives warning of coming apostasy (vv 14-21); (5) Moses' charge to Joshua (vv 22,23); and (6) The Law is completed and laid up as a witness (vv 24-29).

The final verse (Deu 31:30) introduces the Song of Moses (Deu 32).

Deu 31:21

THIS SONG WILL TESTIFY AGAINST THEM: "The people of God" and "the book of God" continue to exist together, each giving meaning to the other. To see how wildly improbable this is, cp with Egyptians or Babylonians.

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