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Deuteronomy 4

Deu 4:6

Israel, God's "witnesses": Isa 43:10-12.

Deu 4:10

THAT THEY MAY LEARN TO REVERE ME: " 'The fear of Yahweh' is the beginning of wisdom (Deu 6:2), and this reverential awe is induced by hearing (Deu 4:2), doing (Deu 5:29), keeping (Deu 6:2), serving (Deu 6:13), and walking (Deu 8:6). Thus it is no inarticulate, superstitious awe of the unknown, but a respectful, reverential love for One who has revealed Himself in His Word, and whose goodness has been experienced in our lives" (GEM).

Deu 4:11

BLACK: Sig absence of light (cp Heb 12:18).

CLOUDS: "Whirlwind". Cp with "tempest" in Heb 12:18. God speaks out of the whirlwind.

DEEP DARKNESS: "Murky darkness": sig the veiling of their minds to the gospel (2Co 3:15).

Deu 4:13

ON TWO STONE TABLETS: All 10 commandments were written twice! All 10 were written on each stone: ie one copy for God and one for Israel. Both parties to the covenant had a copy (Xd 118:220).

Deu 4:16

DO NOT BECOME CORRUPT AND MAKE FOR YOURSELVES AN IDOL, AN IMAGE OF ANY SHAPE...: Thus there is little great Heb art or sculpture. Idolatry: "Any attempt to limit God, by our own definitions... is virtually to fashion Him into an image of ourselves. We need a stmt of our faith about God, but God is not confined in it anymore than He was in Solomon's temple" (Xd 118:220).

Deu 4:23

Jewish Christians told not to forsake the assembly, nor to follow other gods (Heb 10:25; 12:25,29).

Deu 4:34

7 means of deliverance...

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