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Deuteronomy 3

Deu 3:1

Deu 3: "The journey of Israel to the land of inheritance was not without trial and difficulty. The nations through whose land they travelled were not inclined to assist. Others were violently opposed, as was Og, king of Bashan who commenced an advance against the people of God, but was repelled. Yahweh overshadowed their circumstances, and defeated Israel's enemies. On this last day of his life, as he delivered the book of Deuteronomy, Moses recalled their remarkable history. He reminded them that [1] Og attacked Israel: vv 1-11 [2] The land was allocated: vv 12-17. [3] Eastern tribes were required to help with their western brethren: vv 18-20. [4] Joshua was exhorted to faithfulness: vv 21,22. [5] A plea to enter the Land: vv 23-29.

"What a thrilling time is would have been! The people so near the land, so confident of achieving the promises, and able to place their trust in Yahweh their Redeemer. So the outstanding exhortation of Moses to Joshua strengthened his faith, and set the means for success in the venture" (GEM).

Deu 3:11

BED: Prob, as mg, "sarcophagus" (WBS 71).

Deu 3:24

Vv 24,25: Moses made only two personal requests of God: here and Exo 32:32.

YOU HAVE BEGUN...: After 120 years, Yahweh had only begun to show Moses his greatness!

Deu 3:27

The Law -- typified by Moses its giver -- had to be crucified, or put to death, before "Joshua" (or "Jesus", as in the New Testament) could enter the Promised Land. But, like Abraham, Moses the faithful man was shown the land he would later possess (Gen 13:14,15). It was wonderfully merciful of Yahweh that Moses -- his eye undimmed -- might be allowed such a vision of what will surely be his future glory with his Saviour and ours: an eternal in the Land of Promise, after his resurrection from the dead.

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