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Deuteronomy 2

Deu 2:5

God blesses men in temporal ways, even those unconnected with His promises.

Deu 2:10

EMITES: "Formidable, tremendous", from rt "terrors" (sw Psa 88:15).

Deu 2:12

HORITES: "Cave dwellers", who lived in the rose-red rock of Petra.

Deu 2:13

ZERED: "Pruning" (cp v 15n).

Deu 2:15

This was the "pruning" (which is the meaning of "Zered": cp v 13) of the murmurers over 38 years. "His power was exerted in a way of wrath and vengeance on them, for their murmurings at the report of the spies; and therefore, it is no wonder they were consumed, for strong is His hand, and high is His right hand; and when lifted up it falls heavy, and there is no standing up under it, or against it: it smote them with one disease or another, or brought one judgment or another upon them: as the sword of Amalek, by which many were cut off, and the plague at Shittim in the plains of Moab, in which died 24,000; besides the destruction of Korah and his company, which was quickly after the affair of the spies, and the plague at that time, of which died 14,700; and thus, by one stroke after another, he went on to destroy them from among the host until they were consumed, even all of them but two" (Gill).

Deu 2:23

AVVITES: Lit "crooked ones", with deformities resulting from genetic quirks in the races of giants (WBS 71).

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