The Agora
The Lamentations of Jeremiah
"Paul was reasoning in the market place every day with those who happened to be present." (Acts 17:17)


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The Lamentations of Jeremiah

by G. Booker and T. Haltom

Table Of Contents


The Book as a Whole Introduction
The Title Of The Book
Parallel Passages
Place In The Canon
Author and Date of Writing
Jeremiah His life and times
Jeremiah as a Type of Christ
The Structure of the Book
Recurring Lessons

The Lamentations of Jeremiah Chapter by Chapter An Outline of Lamentations

Chapter 1 - The Affliction of Jerusalem
      Verses 1-11: The Lament of the City
      Verses 12-15: God's Fierce Anger
      Verses 16-17: "For These I Weep"
      Verses 18-19: "The LORD is Righteous"
      Verses 20-22: Jerusalem's Prayer

Chapter 2 - The Source of the Affliction
      Verses 1-9: Just Judgments of Yahweh
      Verses 10-14: Tears of Affliction
      Verses 15-17: Jerusalem's Enemies Rejoice
      Verses 18-22: Jerusalem's Prayer

Chapter 3 - Renewed Hope in Affliction
      Verses 1-18: Darkness, Affliction, Derision
      Verses 19-21: The Desired Effect: A Remnant Saved
      Verses 22-30: The Lord's Mercies, Service and Separation
      Verses 31-33: The Central Theme: Chastening is Necessary and Helpful
      Verses 34-36: "The LORD Approveth Not"
      Verses 37-41: A Living Man Should Not Complain
      Verses 42-66: Prayer

Chapter 4 - The Reason For Affliction
      Verses 1-12: Contrast of Sons of Zion: Fine Gold to Earthen Pitchers--
      Verses 13-16: Sins of the Leaders
      Verses 17-20: Vain Hopes
      Verses 21-22: The Cup Passes to Edom

Chapter 5 - Prayer For Deliverance From Affliction
      Verses 1-15: "See Our Reproach" -- Disgrace
      Verses 16-18: "The Crown is Fallen"--
      Verses 19-22: The Everlasting Throne: A Hope Of Renewal

Chapter 1 (Verse by Verse)
Chapter 2 (Verse by Verse)
Chapter 3 (Verse by Verse)
Chapter 4 (Verse by Verse)
Chapter 5 (Verse by Verse)

Other Perspectives:
Christ In The Lamentations

The Ecclesia in the Lamentations