The Agora
Godliness with Contentment - 1 Timothy
"Paul was reasoning in the market place every day with those who happened to be present." (Acts 17:17)


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A Study Of The First Epistle Of Timothy

by Troy Haltom and George Booker

Table Of Contents

     A. The Man Paul
     B. The Pastoral Letters
     C. The Theme Of 1 Timothy - Godliness With Contentment
     D. The Man Timothy

I. Purity Of Doctrine (1:1-20)
     A. 1:1, 2: Introduction
     B. 1:3-11: Apostasy To The Judaizers
     C. 1:12-16: Paul's Own Calling Away From The Law
     D. 1:17: Glory To God
     E. 1:18-20: Separation

II. Prayers For All Men (2:1-8)
     A. 2:1-8: Prayers For All Men

III. Sisters: Modesty And Silence (2:9-15)
     A. 2:9-15: Sisters: Modesty And Silence

IV. Qualifications Of Brethren (3:1-13)
     A. 3:1-7: Bishops
     B. 3:8-13: Deacons

V. Foundation Of Truth (3:14-16)
     A. 3:14-16: Foundation Of Truth

VI. Latter Day Apostasy (4:1-5)
     A. 4:1-5: Latter Day Apostasy

VII. Personal Conduct (4:6-5:2)
     A. 4:6-10: Godliness, Trust In God
     B. 4:11-5:2: Be An Example

VIII. Widows (5:3-16)
     A. 5:3-10: Widows Indeed
     B. 5:11-16: Young Widows

IX. Elders (5:17-25)
     A. 5:17-21: Their Treatment
     B. 5:22-25: Their Selection

X. Godliness With Contentment (6:1-21)
     A. 6:1-2b: Slaves
     B. 6:2c-5: These Things Teach And Exhort
     C. 6:6-10: Godliness And Gain
     D. 6:11-14: Good Fight Of Faith
     E. 6:15,16: Glory To God
     F. 6:17-19: Riches In Heaven
     G. 6:20a: The Truth
     H. 6:20b-21a: Apostasy To "Science"
     I. 6:21b: Conclusion