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Abel, Ron

“Let Her be Covered”, the Hats of Christadelphian Sisters
Wrested Scriptures – Website

Advocate, the Christadelphian

A Jubilee for Israel
The Gospel Message
Question Box – Answers to Difficult Verses
The Spirit of Elijah (Articles on Repentance)

Andrews, JJ

The Real Christ (formerly Jesus Christ and Him Crucified)
New Testament Doctrine of Judgement (1867)

Attridge, Colin

The Fruit of the Spirit

Banta, Joseph

The Apocalypse: A Background Study

Beale, Maurice

Notes on Systematic Prophecy

Billington, Paul

The Book of Revelation – An Appeal For Right Understanding

Booker, Barbara

Ruth – A Love Story

Booker, George

Behold My Servant (Isa 52:13-53:12)
Bible Companion – with extra Proverbs reading
Bible Commentary – detailed commentary of the entire Bible
Biblical Fellowship (updated)
The Serpent and the Woman’s Seed – Genesis 3:15 in all the Bible
Waiting For His Son – Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians
A New Creation
Biblical Fellowship
By The Way
PSALMS – Book 1 (Ps 1 – 41), Book 2 (Ps 73 – 89), Book 3 (Ps 90 – 106), Book 4 (Ps 107 – 150), Book 5 (Ps 107 – 150)
To Us A Child Is Born
What Are The First Principles?

Booker, George & Haltom, Troy

Agora – Godliness with Contentment (1 Timothy)
Agora – The Lamentations of Jeremiah

Boulton, W H


Broughton, James H and Southgate, Peter J

The Trinity – True or False?

Brown, William

Preaching the Truth

Burke, Jonathan

A More Sure Word of Prophecy

C, A

Where Is The Promise of His Coming?

Carter, John

God’s Way
Marriage And Divorce

Christians, Early

Didache, The

Collyer, Islip

Conviction and Conduct
The Guiding Light
Letters to Young Christadelphians
Vegetable In The Witness Box, The
What it means to be a Christian
Where it Happened
Vox Dei

Cook, Keith

Tabernacle in the Wilderness, The

Cowie, Jim

Conscientious Objection to Military Service

Crawford, Aleck

Spirit, The


Do All To The Glory of God – A Short Treatise on Standards for Christadelphians

Dunaway, O L

The Key to Bible Understanding

Edwards, Colin


Epps, John

The Devil

Eyre, Alan

Brethren In Christ
The Protesters

Gaston, Thomas

The Continuous Historic Interpretation Examined

Growcott, G.V.

The History of The Doctrine of The Trinity
Be Ye Transformed (A Collection of Exhortations) Volume One
The Purifying of The Heavenly
Search Me O God

Hayward, Alan

God’s Truth

Hyndman, Ian

Revelation, a message from Jesus about the last days
What are we waiting for? – A publication about the return of Jesus
Beyond the Tomb

Hyndman, Rob J

The Bible Readers’ Handbook
Getting to Know the Bible Better (8 part course)
Bible teaching on managing your money
Learn to Read the Bible
The Story of the Bible (8 part course)
Taking Control: A Guide for Youth
The Times: a Chronology of the Bible
The Way of Life

Jackman, Graham

The Language of the Cross

Jannaway, Frank

Christadelphian Answers

Christ Our Passover or true Christadelphian teaching concerning the one great offering

Palestine and the Powers

Palestine and the World (1922)

Lemmon, Richard

Faith and Baptism: Illustrated from the Bible (1841)

Lloyd, Bob

Minute Meditations (including current articles)

Logos Publications

Selah – A Selection of Meditations for Sisters

Mansfield, H P

Christadelphian Expositor Series

Old Testament : Genesis,   Exodus,Leviticus,  Numbers,  Deuteronomy,  Joshua,  Ruth,  Nehemiah,  Ecclesiastes,  Song of Solomon,  Daniel,  Jonah and Nahum,  Habakkuk,  Zechariah,  Ezekiel’s Prophecies of the Restoration,  Zephaniah,  Malachi

New Testament : Acts,  Romans,  Epistles of John,  From James to Jude,  Revelation

Countdown to Armageddon
Divine Worship in the Age to Come (1981)
Guidebook to the New Testament
The Gospel in Song – Handel’s Messiah
In Defence of the Faith
Key to Understanding the Scriptures
Making Prayer Powerful
Romance of the Hebrew Alphabet
Story of the Bible

Volume 1,   Volume 2,   Volume 3,   Volume 4,   Volume 5,   Volume 6,   Volume 7

Preparing for Marriage
Weapons of our Warfare (1989)

Marshall, John

The New Life (Purchase Here)

Nicholls, Alfred

The Name that is Above Every Name

Norris, A D

Preaching the Word

O’Connor, C R

The Things of the Kingdom and the Things of the Name (First Principles Notes)

Pearce, Graham

The Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit Gifts

Pople, John

To Speak Well of God: An Exposition of the Book of Job

Pearce, Graham

The Revelation – Which Interpretation?

Reekie, Peter

Exemption: Conscientious Objection to Military and National Service – the part played by Brother Viner Hall illustrated in his letters and writings, 1912-1945

Roberts, Jane

Sister Jane Roberts to Younger Sisters
The Virtuous Woman

Roberts, John S

The Bible, The Lord Jesus and You

Roberts, Robert

“The Evil One” The Bible Teaching Concerning The Devil and Satan
1883 (Original First Edition) Ecclesial Guide
The Blood of Christ
The Christadelphian Instructor
Christendom Astray
The Commandments of Christ
England’s Ruin (1895)
The Good Confession
The Law of Moses
The Life and Works of Dr Thomas
My Days and My Ways (Autobiography)
The Ministry of the Prophets
Nazareth Revisited
The Resurrection to Condemnation (1894) – Answer to the “Blood of the Covenant” by JJ Andrews
Seasons of Comfort
The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against
Selections From: Letters To The Elect Of God In A Time of Trouble
The Slain Lamb
Thirteen Lectures on The Apocalypse
To the Elect of God in Times of Trouble
The Truth About God And the Bible
The Visible Hand of God
Was Jesus of Nazareth The Messiah? (The Stern debate)
The Ways of Providence

Scaramastro, J B

The Analogy of The Grecian Games In The Word

Schwartzcopff, Peter

 The Spirit of God
 Vital Beliefs
 The Predestination Issue

Smalley, R T W

A Small Bible Handbook

Smallwood, W

Bible Teaching Concerning Sin and Sacrifice

Smart, Neville

The Grounds of Faith

Southgate, Peter

Thine is the Kingdom

Stewart, M

The Significance of Colors As They Appear In The Holy Scriptures

Styles, Don

Principles of Ecclesial Life

Styles, Ken and Jim

Great Delusion – A Scriptural Analysis Of Christianity’s “Future Antichrist”

Tennant, Harry

Ye Servants of the Lord

Testimony Special Issue

Framed by the Word of God: Science and the Bible
Written for our Learning

Thomas, John

Blasphemy and the Names of Blasphemy
Book Unsealed: A Lecture on the Prophetic Periods of Daniel and John
Elpis Israel

Eureka – An Exposition of the Apocalypse

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5

Exposition of Daniel (Pdf)
Faith In the Last Days
The Last Days of Judah’s Commonwealth
Phanerosis (Pdf)
The Revealed Mystery

Treadway, Todd

A Faith that makes Sense

Ullman, John

The Epistle of Jude
The First Principles of the One True Faith
Joshua, His Life and Times (1983)


The Christadelphian Treasury
The Bedside Watchman (short meditations on the readings)
For The Joy (a book for new brothers and sisters to aid spiritual growth)

Walker, CC

Job: The Substance of a Lecture Delivered by CC Walker

Watkins, Peter

Some difficult passages (CIL)

White, Percy, E

Doctrine of The Trinity – Analytically Examined And Refuted

Whitehouse, David

Bible Words
God of all ages

Whittaker, Harry

A Fresh Look at Ezekiel’s Temple
 Isaiah (1988)
Jews, Arabs and Bible Prophecy
Judges and Ruth
The Last Days
 Reformation (1985)
Revelation – A Biblical Approach
Studies in the Gospels
The Time Of The End
Visions in Daniel
Word Studies

Wright, Harold

God’s Plan with Man

Bingley, R C (ed. R Roberts)

A Declaration of Bible Truth
Answer to Bible Questions
Bible Finger Posts – 32 First Principle Topics
Christadelphian Bible Study Circle Course – 24 Letters with Questions and Answers on Bible Truth
The Coming Antichrist: Jesus of Nazareth?

Birmingham Ecclesia, Midland Institute



Philippians Study Guide (Zip)
Preparing for Baptism


The Pentateuch

Class Notes on the Law of Moses, Morrie Stewart
The Prophecy of Obadiah, Morrie Stewart
Pattern of Things in the Heavens and Shadows of Good Things to Come – a Study of the Priesthood, EJ Lasius (1879)

Joshua – Judges

Better is He Who Rules His Spirit (Samson), Ron Abel

Samuel – Kings

Life of David, 1 Sam 16 – 31 (Vol 1 & 2), John Ullman (1997)
Kings of Judah (Vol 1), Jim Cowie (1975)

Ezra – Nehemiah

Nehemiah – Let us Arise and Build, Ron Able (1977)


Psalms – The Power, the Life, the Guidance, the Reward. (1977)

Psalms (1966)


Temple of the Living God – aspects of the Temple of Ezekiel’s Prophecy, Tony Newton
Study Notes on the Prophecy of Daniel
 The Great Prophecy of Daniel 11, Peter Schwartzkopff
The Prophecy of Hosea, Morrie Stewart
The Prophecy of Obadiah, Morrie Stewart
 The Vision of Obadiah (Version 4, Jan 2018), Peter Schwartzkopff
 The Vision of the Little Horn, Peter Schwartzkopff
The Prophecy of Amos, David Baird
Zechariah Bible Marking Notes, Jim Cowie


Miracles & Parables of Christ, Peter Weller (1981)
8 Signs of John, John Ullman (1981)

Acts and Epistles

Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians
2nd Corinthians, Ron Abel
Epistle to the Hebrews, Stirling Ecclesia (2001)
Epistle of Paul to Philemon, Ron Abel
First Peter, David Baird
The Epistle of Jude, John Ullman


Revelation for Beginners, Peter Schwartzkopff
Revelation Overview, Jonathan Burke

General / Symbology

The Cherubim of Glory, Morrie Stewart
The Miraculous Significance of Numbers and Colours as they Appear in the Holy Scriptures
The Biblical Meaning of Numbers One to Forty, Stephen Jones (2008)

Christadelphian History

Books and Documents about Christadelphian History + books and documents of historical value

Original Statement of Faith (1877)

History of the Christadelphians 1864 - 1885, the Emergence of a Denomination, by Andrew Wilson
The Life of John Thomas (1985)
The Life of Robert Roberts (1983)
Robert Roberts’ Diary of a Voyage to Australia, New Zealand and America (1896)
Robert Roberts’ Diary of a Second Voyage to Australia
The Experiences of the Nineteenth Century Pioneers (2009)
The Early History of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God – Volume 1 (1904) by William Norrie
The Early History of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God – Volume 2 (1905) by William Norrie
The Early History of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God – Volume 3 (1905) by William Norrie

Unity In Australia – The Unity Book (1963), ACCSC

Ecclesial History – The Strickler Doctrine

The Testimony of Jesus – A Short History of Witness to the Truth, by Alan Eyre & Don Styles

Brethren Indeed? Christadelphians and “Outsiders” (2001) – Extracts from Finding Founders and Facing Facts, by Ruth McHaffie

Was Isaac Newton a Christadelphian?, by Jim Phillips

Christadelphian Response to the Holocaust

Christadelphians, Kindertransport & rescue from the Holocaust, by Jason Hensley

Fellowship Practices of Central Ecclesias