The Agora
Waiting For His Son - Thessalonians
"Paul was reasoning in the market place every day with those who happened to be present." (Acts 17:17)


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Waiting For His Son

An Exposition Of Paul's Letters To The Thessalonians
... "ye turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God; and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come." 1 Thessalonians 1:9,10

Table Of Contents

      1. The Man Paul
      2. The Letters Of Paul
      3. The City Of Thessalonica
      4. Background Of The Ecclesia At Thessalonica
      5. Authorship
      6. Date And Occasion
      7. The Themes Of Paul's Message To The Thessalonians
      8. The Main Theme - The "Parousia"
      9. The Relationship Between The Two Thessalonian Letters
      10. The Later History Of The City
      11. Book Outlines
            1 Thessalonians
            2 Thessalonians

1 Thessalonians

I. Greetings (1:1)

II. Thanksgiving For The Thessalonians (1:2-10)
      A. Paul's Thanksgiving (1:2-4)
      B. The Thessalonians' Response (1:5-10)

III. Paul's Defense Of His Preaching (2:1-12)
      A. His Visit (2:1-4)
      B. His Behavior (2:5-8)
      C. His Example (2:9-12)

IV. Fellowship In Persecution (2:13-16)

V. Paul's Continuing Concern (2:17-3:13)
      A. Paul's Desire to Return (2:17-20)
      B. Timothy's Mission (3:1-5)
      C. Timothy's Encouraging Report (3:6-10)
      D. Paul's First Prayer for the Thessalonians (3:11-13)

VI. Exhortations (4:1-12)
      A. The Traditions (4:1,2)
      B. Sexual Purity (4:3-8)
      C. Brotherly Love (4:9,10)
      D. Diligence (4:11,12)

VII. Problems Concerning Christ's Coming (4:13-5:11)
      A. Believers Who Fall Asleep (4:13-18)
      B. The Time of the Coming (5:1-3)
      C. Be Ready for His Coming (5:4-11)

VIII. Final Exhortations (5:12-22)
      A. Recognition of Leaders (5:12-13)
      B. Various Duties (5:14-22)

IX. Conclusion (5:23-28)
      A. Paul's Second Prayer for the Thessalonians (5:23,24)
      B. Farewell (5:25-28)

2 Thessalonians

I. Greetings (1:1,2)

II. Thanksgiving And Prayer For The Thessalonians (1:3-12)
      A. Paul's Thanksgiving (1:3-5)
      B. Divine Judgment (1:6-10)
      C. Paul's Prayer for their Future Acceptance (1:11,12)

III The Man Of Sin Destroyed By Christ At His Coming (2:1-12)
      A. Warning against False Claims (2:1,2)
      B. The Man of Sin Revealed (2:3-9)
      C. His Followers Deceived (2:10-12)

IV. Thanksgiving And Encouragement (2:13-17)
      A. Paul's Thanksgiving (2:13,14)
      B. Paul's Encouragement (2:15)
      C. Paul's Prayer for their Strengthening (2:16,17)

V. Prayerful Preparation For Work (3:1-5)
      A. Paul's Request for Prayer (3:1,2)
      B. Paul's Confidence in Christ (3:3-5)

VI. Warnings Against Idleness (3:6-15)
      A. Paul's Previous Example (3:6-10)
      B. Additional Instruction (3:11-13)
      C. Discipline (3:14,15)
      VII. CONCLUSION (3:16-18)