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Isaiah 60

Isa 60:1

Isa 60: Numerous //s with Psa 72: Gentiles, glory, Arabs, etc. Also, //s with Rev 21: Gentile kings, open gates, city of God, glory, light, etc.

THE GLORY OF THE LORD RISES UPON YOU: The Shekinah Glory returning from heaven (Eze 43:2-7; cp Zec 14:4).

Isa 60:2

DARKNESS COVERS THE EARTH... THE PEOPLES: "How is it possible for drunken nations, overspread with strong delusion as a thick veil, to hew out for themselves cisterns capable of holding water from the fountain of life?" (Eur 1:27).

Isa 60:3

Gentile tribute brought to the God of Israel (2Ch 32:23). And Gentile "kings" or "wise men" bringing gifts to the baby Jesus (Mat 2:1-12).

Isa 60:4

LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK ABOUT YOU...: Similar to Isa 49:18.

YOUR SONS COME FROM AFAR...: Similar to Isa 49:22.

Isa 60:5

THE WEALTH ON THE SEAS... THE RICHES OF THE NATIONS: "All the earlier sanctuaries of the Lord were made of Gentile materials. Israel plundered the Egyptians, and from their riches fashioned the tabernacle. David dedicated all the gains of his long series of Gentile wars to the temple which Solomon built. The second temple, built after the Captivity, had the practical encouragement of Cyrus and Darius Hystaspes. The temple built in the time of Jesus was financed by Herod the Great, an Edomite. So it is fitting that in the coming era God will be glorified by the votive offerings of Gentiles (cp Jer 33:9; Deu 33:19)" (WIsa 520). See Exo 12:35,36; 35:21-29; 1Ch 18:11; 22:2,4; 2Ch 2:17,18; Ezr 1:4; Neh 2:8; Rev 21:24; Rom 15:16; 1Pe 2:9,10. See also WEnj 16.

THE WEALTH ON THE SEAS: The gospel "net" gathering in all kinds of fish (Mat 13:47-50; Luk 5:4-7).

RICHES OF THE GENTILES: "But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their fullness bring!" (Rom 11:12).

Isa 60:6

Vv 6,7: "It is noteworthy that nearly all the regions mentioned are Arab territories. The very peoples who are described in the prophets as gloating over the LD discomfiture of Israel (Eze 35:10; 36:2; Oba 1:12; Psa 79:4; 83:3-12) now join Israel in humble submission. Here is the final solution of the vexatious Jew-Arab problem" (WIsa 520).

SHEBA: Cp 1Ki 10:2: Queen of Sheba visiting Solomon.

GOLD AND INCENSE: Brought by the wise men of Mat 2:1-12, who come to the "brightness" of the "star" (Isa 60:3)!

Isa 60:7

MY GLORIOUS TEMPLE: But in the millennium kingdom, will there be animal sacrifice? Consider that in Rev 21, there is a description of the glorified City of God -- in which the entire city is the Most Holy (v 16) -- there is no mention of sacrifice. Also consider that so much of Isa 60 (vv 4c,8,10a,11a,16ab,17,20a) is figurative language. Christ is the "altar" and the "house of God's glory". Also see Lesson, Animal sacrifice in the Kingdom?

Jerusalem: filled with the Glory of God, a center of world renewal: Isa 35:6; 45:4; 46:12; 49:14-26; 51:3-11; 52:1,8-10; 54:11-14; 55:12,13.

Isa 60:8

WHO ARE THESE THAT FLY ALONG LIKE CLOUDS, LIKE DOVES TO THEIR NESTS?: "After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever" (1Th 4:17).

DOVES: Suggesting the final Deluge is now past (Gen 8:11; 6:16).

Isa 60:9

WITH THEIR SILVER AND GOLD: Did the returning captives from Assyria/Babylon bring back also the great tribute previously paid by Ahaz and Hezekiah (2Ki 18:15)? Cp v 17. Silver and gold also sym converts: 1Co 3:12.

SHIPS OF TARSHISH: "Trading ships" (NIV mg). The use of "Tarshish" prob expresses type of ship, not origin (MNIV 97,98). Cp usage in Psa 48:7; Isa 23:1,14; Eze 27:25. See Lesson, Tarshish.

Isa 60:10


Isa 60:12

THE NATION OR KINGDOM THAT WILL NOT SERVE YOU WILL PERISH; IT WILL BE UTTERLY RUINED: Sennacherib's Assyrian host (Isa 36: 18-20; 27:11-13,18,20). As to application in Kingdom era, cp Zec 14:17,18.

Isa 60:13

THE PLACE OF MY FEET: The ark of the covenant (1Ch 28:2; Eze 43:7; Isa 66:1).

Isa 60:16

Figure of mother and children in Isaiah: Isa 8:3,4; 11:8; 26:17,18; 28:9; 45:10,11; 46:3,4; 49:15,20-23; 54:1; 60:16; 66:11-13.

YOU WILL... BE NURSED...: Similar to Isa 60:23.

Isa 60:17

INSTEAD OF BRONZE I WILL BRING YOU GOLD: Ct the brass shields which replaced Rehoboam's shields of gold (2Ch 12:9,10).

GOLD... SILVER: Cp v 9.

Isa 60:19

// Rev 21:23; 22:5.

Isa 60:21

THE SHOOT THAT I HAVE PLANTED: Anticipates the blessing of the Year of Jubilee (2Ki 19:29; Isa 61:3). Ct Christ's sarcastic ref: Mat 15:13.

THE WORK OF MY HANDS: Cp Eph 2:10-12: "We are his workmanship."


Isa 60:22

THE LEAST OF YOU: The "little child" of Isa 7:14; 9:6,7; 11:6.

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