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Isaiah 27

Isa 27:1

LEVIATHAN: Ref an ancient mythological 7-headed sea monster, or dragon; used of Babylon and Egypt (Job 3:8; 41:1; Psa 74:14; 104:26; Isa 27:1): see Lesson, Leviathan.

LEVIATHAN THE GLIDING SERPENT: Nineveh of Assyria: the "serpent" (Heb "nachash") in the swift-running Tigris (modern Syria). Some translate "slippery" or "slithering".

LEVIATHAN THE COILING SERPENT: Babylon: the "serpent" (Heb "nachash") in the slow meandering Euphrates (modern Iraq). [Yet the Euphrates is used to sym Assyria also: Isa 8:7. So, at this time, perhaps both rivers sym Assyria, as the ruler over Babylon.]

THE MONSTER OF THE SEA: Egypt, a "crocodile" (Heb "tannin") in the vast expanse of the Nile (Eze 29:3; 32:2; Nah 3:8). Egypt: a false "friend" of Israel (Isa 30:2,3; 31:1). LD: Rev 13:1: the beast coming out of the sea.

Isa 27:2

A FRUITFUL VINEYARD: In the days of Ahaz, Israel had been a decidedly "unfruitful" vineyard (Isa 5); but now, in Hezekiah's day, much the reverse!

Isa 27:4

Vv 4,5: "I am not angry. I wish I could confront some thorns and briers! Then I would march against them for battle; I would set them all on fire, unless they became my subjects, and made peace with me" (NET). In Isa 5:6 God MADE thorns and briers to grow in his unfruitful vineyard; here, He promises to DESTROY any thorns and briers that threaten His vineyard -- a total contrast!

Isa 27:6

JACOB... ISRAEL: Prob repentant worshipers coming out of Northern Kingdom and from captivity in Babylon/Assyria. They will now prosper greatly, and bring forth fruit! The startling and utterly unexpected blessedness of an abundantly fruitful Year of Jubilee (2Ki 19:29,30), which God promised beforehand and then gave (Isa 61) -- in ct to the blandishments of the Assyrian emissary, promising these very blessings, but not at all intending to fulfill (2Ki 18:31,32).

WORLD: Heb "tebel" = the whole world, not just the Land -- prob here used to emphasize... not just Judah, but Judah and Israel besides!

Isa 27:9

HE MAKES ALL THE ALTAR STONES TO BE LIKE CHALK STONES CRUSHED TO PIECES: Ref the Assyrian altar erected by Ahaz (2Ki 16:12-16). These emblems of idolatry and false trust in Gentile alliances were destroyed at Hezekiah's command (2Ki 18:4; 2Ch 31:1).

ASHERAH: See Lesson, Asherah.

Isa 27:10

Vv 10,11: Which city is this? Uncertain. Poss the "fortified cities" of Judah, which had been (previously) overrun and destroyed by Sennacherib's host, on their way to Jerusalem?

Isa 27:11

A PEOPLE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING: Quoting Deu 32:28, re Israel's history. Cp Hos 4:6: Israel is destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Isa 27:12

THRESH... GATHERED UP ONE BY ONE: Not a judgment or punishment, but rather a gleaning. Every single one of the righteous remnant will be "gathered" by God; not one will be lost!

FROM... EUPHRATES TO THE WADI OF EGYPT: From the far north to the far south of the Land (Gen 15:18). Hezek's effort to gather into the renewed worship of Yahweh all God's people (2Ch 30:10), and those even further afield -- esp those who were carried captive to Babylon/Assyria, and those who fled far away, to Egypt.

Isa 27:13

A GREAT TRUMPET WILL SOUND: By which, on the Day of Atonement, the great Year of Jubilee is to be inaugurated (Lev 25:9) -- accompanied by the freeing of all bondslaves and the return of every man to his inheritance (Lev 25:10). (LD) Trumpet blasts: Mat 24:31; 1Th 4:16; Rev 11:15.

... WILL COME AND WORSHIP... IN JERUSALEM: The Feast of Tabernacles for all nations (cp Isa 24:23; 25:6,7,10; 2:2,3; 19:23-25; Zec 14:16).

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