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1 Corinthians

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1 Corinthians 2

1Co 2:1

Paul illustrated in his own methods what he says in 1Co 1:18-31. His method was not one of an itinerant philosopher trying to captivate by eloquence and worldly wisdom.

1Co 2:2

This is not, however, the gospel: Mat 4:23. Taken along with v 3 (weakness), sig 'I preached to you in the spirit of Christ crucified.'

1Co 2:3

WEAKNESS... FEAR... TREMBLING: Paul had come from Athens alone. If Paul's malady was malaria -- a thorn in the flesh -- then he had an attack at Corinth. See 2Co 12:7,8; Gal 4:14. Such an attack is for the time absolutely incapacitating; the sufferer can only lie and feel himself a shaking and helpless weakling, when he ought to be at work.

1Co 2:4

While it was evident that the preacher's charms did not entice, yet effective work was done -- for God's power was present in the spirit gifts exercised by Paul, which attested his message.

1Co 2:11

If our spirit of knowledge came from God, then we would know God.

1Co 2:15

They were becoming dismayed because others were judging them for their lack of "wisdom". But Paul says that no natural man can discern the spiritual man!

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