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Nahum 2

Nah 2:4

THE CHARIOTS: That is, of God's cherubim (Nah 1:3,5).

RUSHING: Or "jostle" (AV). Heb "shaqaq". Found also in Psa 107:9; Pro 28:15; Isa 29:8; 33;4; Joel 2:9. The idea is of foraging wildly like a hungry animal.

Nah 2:5

YET THEY STUMBLE ON THEIR WAY: This contrasts with the way in which Joel 2:7 speaks of the seeming invincible nature of the Assyrian army.

Nah 2:7

IT IS DECREED: "And Huzzab shall be led away captive" (KJV). Huzzab is prob the name or title of the queen-mother.

DOVES: Voice of dove = voice of mourning (Isa 38:14).

BEAT UPON THEIR BREASTS: Drumming, as on a tambourine (Psa 68:25). Cp Luk 18:13; 23:48.

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