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Ezekiel 25

Eze 25:1

Eze 25--32: Seven nations mock at Israel, and the hidden Glory of God strikes them down: Ammon (Eze 25:1-7); Moab (Eze 25:8-11); Edom (Eze 25:12-14); Philistia (Eze 25:15-17); Tyre (Eze 26:1--28:19); Zidon (Eze 28:20-26); and Egypt (Eze 29--32). Other prophecies of Gentile nations are usually grouped together: ie Isa 13--27; Jer 46--51.

"There is a certain type of people whose greatest joy in life is to watch someone else fall. They are the kind of people who laugh at the misfortunes of others and who spread gossip and rumours about the mistakes other people make. They delight in watching anyone but themselves reap their 'just deserts', and believe that everyone else should see life the way they do. One of the things they live for is to take vengeance on anyone else who crosses their path and then to watch them fall. Maybe you know someone like that (if you do, they need you to pray for them). This type of person doesn't do much to cause trouble -- but when it comes they are first on the scene to cheer it on. Ammon, Moab, Edom, the Philistines and Tyre were like that. When the Assyrians and the Babylonians attacked Israel they all watched with glee on their faces, gloating over the agony of the nation. They came in behind and wreaked what havoc they could behind the destroyer.

"God's anger against them was fierce because of their wicked attitude. He said then that He would do the same to them as they wished on Israel. The same judgement will fall on us if we have the same attitude. Instead let us look for good in others and delight in it" (RP).

Eze 25:4

THE PEOPLE OF THE EAST: Men of desert; nomads (Jer 6:3,33; 7:12; 8:10; 1Ki 4:30; Isa 11:14), who keep camels and flocks (v 5).

Eze 25:15

PHILISTINES: See Lesson, Philistia in prophecy.

Eze 25:17

Let us take the opportunity to observe and respect the power of God to save or to destroy. In God's eyes men are either good (by His grace) or evil (by not seeking His grace). We live our lives assuming we are somewhere between these two, but there is no "in-between" place. It doesn't exist. Every man or woman alive is in one or other camp in the eyes of the Lord. We live in Him, and this means we are under grace. Let us be sure to show God our appreciation for His great love to those on whom He does not seek vengeance, and to thank Him for calling us to the salvation of His gospel message.

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