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Ezekiel 10

Eze 10:1

Eze 10: "Divine glory cannot bear the presence of sin (Hab 1:13). Therefore coals of fire are scattered over the guilty city, and the Glory makes ready to depart therefrom. It is a sad moment for Ezekiel, for, like his faithful companions, he sought for the peace of Jerusalem. Instead he saw only the spirit of compromise and deviant teachings among its people that augurs its destruction. Thus the vision reveals: (1) Coals of fire ready to consume: vv 1-7. (2) The re-appearance of the cherubim: vv 8-22.

"The coals glowed and ran up and down between the living creatures. They were but one; thus individually they were the Cherub, whilst collectively they were the Cherubim. In scattering the coals over the city, the man in linen had completed his work of sealing (Eze 9:11), and now passes over to judgment. Then the vision concentrates again on the cherubim, now revealing a man's hand under the wings (vv 8,14,21). Thus it is identified with the Adamic race, for the cherubim of glory was developed from the work of Christ, a man of like nature as his people, taken from among mankind, and constituted the Lord of glory by the resurrection from the dead. Christ as the Ark, is seen in the singular cherub; the multitudinous Christ is seen in the cherubim who convey the glory away from the presence of sin (cp Acts 1:9). The glory awaits the new Age when the cherubim will again be seen shining from the Ark" (GEM).

A THRONE: An empty throne, waiting for the glory of God to come into it (see vv 18,19).

CHERUBIM: The living creatures of Eze 1: cp vv 15,20. The cherubim serve both as Yahweh's throne and as his vehicle, the chariot (Psa 18:11; cf Psa 104:3).

Eze 10:2

BURNING COALS: "I will kindle an unquenchable fire in the gates of Jerusalem that will consume her fortresses" (Jer 17:27). Cp Lam 4:11; Isa 23:12: "the devouring fire". Also, Deu 32:22; Jer 4:14; 15:14.

FROM AMONG THE CHERUBIM: As if it were from the altar of God, guarded by cherubim: cp Heb 12:29; Lev 9:24; 6:13; 2Ch 7:1-3.

Eze 10:3

A CLOUD FILLED THE INNER COURT: The chariot of the Lord is sent to escort the glory of the Lord from the Temple.

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