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Ezra 5

Ezr 5:1

Ezr 5: "The unexpected opposition to the work of God discouraged the people. If any of the wall had been set up (Ezr 4:2), it had now been broken down (Ezr 2:17; Nah 2:17). The foundations of the temple if built (Ezr 3:10) had to be again restored for building (Hag 2:18). The people had dispersed to the cities (Ezr 2:70), claiming the time had not come for building (Hag 1:4). A spirit of gross materialism set in. Houses were built and glamorised (Hag 1:4), and every effort was made to build up personal wealth (Hag 1:6), but there was no true prosperity (Zec 8:9-18). A succession of bad seasons left the people impoverished (Hag 1:10,11) and completely dispirited. Haggai's message was 'Consider your ways!' But in Ezr 5, the work is resumed. The two chapters in Ezra combine the faithful actions of the people (Ezr 5), and the authoritative commands of the Persian monarch (Ezr 6)" (GEM).

Ezr 5:2

SET TO WORK TO REBUILD THE HOUSE OF GOD: The AV has "began", but there had already been a beginning -- this was ANOTHER beginning, after some considerable delay.

Ezr 5:5

THE EYE OF THEIR GOD WAS WATCHING OVER THE ELDERS OF THE JEWS: Although the eye of God perceives everything that is sinful about us, nevertheless the reason for His perceptive observance is that He is a caring Father: Psa 32:8; 33:18; 34:15; 1Pe 3:12.

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