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Ezra 4

Ezr 4:1

The 'adversaries' opposing the work prompted the giving of the vision to the prophet Zechariah (Zec 3:1).

Ezr 4:2

WE SEEK YOUR GOD AND HAVE BEEN SACRIFICING TO HIM: As well as to many other "gods" too!

Ezr 4:7

IN THE ARAMAIC LANGUAGE: As was Dan 2:4 -- end of Dan 7. Not only is the letter of Ezr 4:11-16 written in Aramaic, but also the entire section from Ezr 4:8 thru Ezr 6:18.

Ezr 4:11

ARTAXERXES: Prob Cambyses: 529-522 BC.

Ezr 4:24

THUS THE WORK ON THE HOUSE OF GOD IN JERUSALEM CAME TO A STANDSTILL UNTIL THE SECOND YEAR OF THE REIGN OF DARIUS KING OF PERSIA: Through the opposition of the adversaries the wonderful work that had commenced with the returning exiles stopped. The work was stopped for abut 16 years. It was this stopping of the work which caused some to say, "The time has not yet come for the LORD's house to be built" (Hag 1:2). Opposition should not cause us to slack the work and make excuses for our inactivity.

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