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Exodus 31

Exo 31:2

BEZALEL: "In the shadow of EL" (cp Psa 91:1: "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty"). Cp also Psa 57:1; 63:7.

URI: "Light"; cp "Urim" (plural).

HUR: Whiteness, splendor".

OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH: Cp Jesus, of Judah, likewise the son of "Light" (1Jo 1:5; cp Joh 9:5), being the brightness of his Father's glory (Heb 1:3) (Xd 121:335).

See Lesson, Carpenter and tentmaker.

Exo 31:3

I HAVE FILLED HIM WITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD: "Let us find a work to do and do it with all our might. Let us develop our skill as did Bezaleel whom God chose and filled him with wisdom and understanding in knowledge and in all manner of workmanship to devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver and in brass. Speaking of him and his assistant, Aholiab, Moses says 'them hath God filled with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of work.' God will fill our hearts with wisdom also if we have a mind to work. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; says Solomon. Become addicted to the work of the Lord. Use your skill, your art, your energy in God's service. May we each respond as did Isaiah when he heard the Lord saying 'Whom will I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me' " (MM).

Exo 31:6

OHOLIAB: "The Father's tent" (cp v 2n).

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