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Exodus 26

Exo 26:1

See Lesson, Tabernacle.

Exo 26:14

SEA COWS: Heb "tachashim". Translated, variously, "sea cows" (NIV; WEB); "dugongs" (NIV mg); "porpoises" (NASB); "seals" (JPS); or "badgers" (KJV; Roth). The general scholarly consensus on the word is that it is Egyptian in origin. The Arabic word "duhas" refers to a dolphin. They are common in the Red Sea; their skins are used for clothing by the Bedouin.

The word has also been connected to an Egyptian word for "leather" (BDB). This is followed by NRSV and NET ("fine leather").

Exo 26:15

UPRIGHT FRAMES: The boards of tabernacle, formed of selected trees (Act 15:14), cut down (humbled in dust), shaped according to divine specifications (chastening of God; changing character), made to stand upright upon 2 feet, set in silver sockets (redemption), and covered in gold (faith).

Perhaps these boards were hollow frames. A "tent" or "ohel" may have a wooden frame but not solid walls: (a) not nearly so heavy; (b) permitting cherubim (v 1) to appear to priests ministering in most holy place. The temple, as an enlarged tabernacle, had carvings of cherubim and palms round about on inner walls (see 1Ki 6:29n) (WEnj 26). Cp Rev 4:6: cherubim round about the throne.

Exo 26:17

Setting "in order" is a significant thing in the service of God: Gen 22:9; Exo 26:17; 39:37; 40:4,23; Lev 1:7,8,12; 6:12; 24:8; 1Ki 18:33; 2Ki 20:1; 2Ch 13:11; 29:35; Eze 41:6; Acts 18:23; 1Co 11:34; 14:40; Tit 1:5.

Exo 26:28

CENTER CROSSBAR: A ridge pole, running end to end. The tent, an upside-down V shape. Thus providing living quarters on the sides, for priests on duty (Lev 8:35). Cp idea of side chambers in temple (1Ki 6:5...); also cp 1Sa 3:2,3.

Exo 26:31

"Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body" (Heb 10:19,20). A sym depiction of the nature of Christ.

Exo 26:32

The inner veil was upheld by 4 posts, or pillars, symbolic of the 4 gospels of new covenant in Christ (cp v 37).

Exo 26:37

The outer veil was upheld by 5 posts, or pillars, sym of the 5 books of Moses, the first covenant (cp v 32).

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