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Roberts, Robert

As a very young man, Robert Roberts (1839-1898) formulated the "Bible Companion", a plan by which the Old Testament was read once and the New Testament twice in the course of a year. Later he became the first editor of The Christadelphian magazine, a position which he held for 34 years until his death in September 1898. During this period he upheld and guided the brotherhood by his writings and by his indefatigable ministrations in speaking and lecturing throughout Britain and abroad -- especially in America and Australia. He frequently engaged in public debates with leading figures on religious topics, and staunchly upheld the absolute inspiration of the Bible. He was instrumental in formulating and writing the original Christadelphian Statement of Faith, which survives today (with slight additions) as the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith.

His published works include:

The Blood of Christ,
Christendom Astray,
Seasons of Comfort,
Further Seasons of Comfort,
Nazareth Revisited,
The Ways of Providence,
The Visible Hand of God, and
The Law of Moses.

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