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Bible Articles and Lessons: R

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Rom, outline by chapter

1. Men may have a knowledge of God from general revelation, and thus all men are in some sense guilty, since they have rejected this revelation.

2. The Jews are guilty of rejecting God's law as well, and thus are doubly guilty.

3. Since no man can be saved by his own righteousness, justification can only be by faith in the work of Jesus Christ.

4. The chief Old Testament example is Abraham, who was saved by faith.

5. The fruit of this justification is peace with God.

6. Free grace gives no license for sin, but rather provides resurrection power for a new life of righteousness.

7. Nevertheless, our regeneration introduces a struggle, within our own natures, against indwelling sin.

8. Christ works with us in the war against sin, and guarantees us our final victory in the resurrection.

9. Our security in Christ is grounded in God's choice of us, not our choice of Him.

10. God brings His elect people to Himself by means of the preaching of the gospel.

11. God has taken the gospel to the Gentiles now, but there will come a time when Israel will also be gathered back to Him.

12. Paul shifts from theological exposition to practical application. The appropriate response to such a great salvation is to present ourselves as living sacrifices and transformed people in the ecclesia.

13. Believers should live in submission to the civil authorities.

14. Weak and strong believers need to live in harmony, understanding each other.

15. The apostle to the Gentiles hopes to visit Rome soon.

16. Paul sends greetings to the saints, and gives warnings against "wolves".
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