The Agora
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Roberts on fellowship

"If men were more busy judging THEMSELVES, which they are COMMANDED to do, they would not have so much propensity for judging others, which they are forbidden to do."

"There are divisions that are uncalled for, and therefore sinful. Paul refers to such when he says, 'Mark them that cause divisions among you contrary to the doctrine (the teaching on unity) that ye have learnt.' He was referring, no doubt, to the factions arising out of personal preferences, but the warning applies to all divisions that ought not to be made. There is division enough, in all conscience -- division that is inevitable, division that must be, unless we are to ignore divine obligations altogether; but there are divisions that ought not to be. It is possible to go too far in our demands of fellow-believers. How far we ought to go and where to stop, is at one time or other a perplexing problem to most earnest minds."

"If good men would adopt the rule of refusing to listen to an evil report privately conveyed, until it had been dealt with to the last stage according to the rule prescribed by Christ, much evil would be prevented."

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