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2 John


2 John

2Jo 1:3

GRACE, MERCY AND PEACE: Cp 1Ti 1:2; 2Ti 1:2. (1) Grace is for the worthless; it is God giving me what I don't deserve. (2) Mercy is for the helpless; it is God withholding from me what I do deserve. (3) Peace is for the restless; it is the assurance that whatever happens to me will work out for God's glory.

2Jo 1:10

For more detail, see Lesson, Godspeed (2Jo).

V 10: Not a general rule, but esp for such as v 7 (SC 98). "A mixed and preparatory state" (Xd 35:187).

IF ANYONE COMES TO YOU: "Comes to you", NOT "if you find anyone"! Does not apply to searching for "error" in other localities.

BRING THIS TEACHING: Applies to active, positive teachers of error, not passive recipients of error!

DO NOT... WELCOME HIM: "Do not bid him Godspeed" (AV). Lit, "Do not welcome him" (Mat 26:49; 27:29; Luk 1:28; Joh 19:3; Act 15:23) or perhaps "Do not rejoice (with him?)" (Mat 2:10; Joh 3:29; 16:22; Rom 12:12). If merely refusing to punish error is "bidding Godspeed" to it, then was Xt a "partaker of the evil deeds" of the adulteress when he said, "Neither do I condemn thee"? Cp JT in Herald 1851:204 (re slave-owners) and 120 ("The salvation of individuals is not predicated on the purity of their neighbor's faith").

Have no fellowship with: teachers of false doctrines (2Jo 1:10); workers of false deeds (Eph 5:11); worshipers of false gods (1Co 10:20,21).

2Jo 1:12

PAPER: Papyrus (ie Job 8:11; Isa 35:7).
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