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1 John 5

1Jo 5:2

"A brother among the children of Sodom, whether these bear the name or not, might have the experience of Lot 'whose righteous soul was vexed from day to day.' His love would be undrawn out. His soul would be stirred within him disagreeably, in accordance with the characteristic of divinely approved men, who 'cannot bear them that are evil' (Rev 2:2) and despise vile men, honouring them that fear the Lord (Psa 15:4); but by John's rule, he would be able to comfort himself in the drought and in bitterness. He knows within himself that God is his chief delight, and the commandments of God the subject of his supreme regard. He can therefore say to himself, 'Though my antipathies are stirred; though my soul eats in bitterness; though my love is rarely called out, I know that I love the children of God, because I love God and keep His commandments. I have only to meet them to have my soul awakened to the fullness of love, and borne aloft with exceeding joy' " (SC 42).

1Jo 5:8

See Lesson, Three in one (1Jo 5:8)?.

1Jo 5:11

GOD HAS GIVEN US ETERNAL LIFE: See Lesson, Eternal life now?

1Jo 5:13

YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE: Eternal life not -- literally -- a present possession: Mat 19:29; 25:46; Mar 10:30; Joh 12:25; Rom 6:22; Gal 6:8; Tit 1:2; 3:7; Jud 1:21. But see Lesson, Eternal life now?

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