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James, the Lord's bro, opposed Christ in his ministry (Joh 7:5). Christ appeared to him after resurrection (1Co 15:7), and he was associated with ecclesia in Jerusalem from beginning (Act 1:14) -- soon rising to prominence therein (Gal 1:19; 2:12). Peter reported to James when released from prison (Act 12:17). The bre appointed him chairman of the Jerusalem conference (Act 15); Paul acted on his advice (Act 21:18). James was executed by Ananias the High Priest and the Sanhedrin (Jos Ant 20:9:1), being hurled from pinnacle of Temple and then clubbed to death.

Date of writing: Possibly as early as 45-53 AD, when Jewish Christians were still associated with Temple worship, though they were under some pressure.

Summary by chapter:

  1. Faith can triumph over trials.
  2. Faith can conquer partiality and snobbery.
  3. Faith can govern the tongue.
  4. Faith can purify character.
  5. Faith can develop patience in adversity.

  1. Trials and temptation: Jam 1:1–18
  2. Faith in action: Jam 1:19 – 5:12
  1. The prayer of faith: Jam 5:13–20.

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