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2 Corinthians

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2 Corinthians 2

2Co 2:6

Punishment of disfellowship by majority decision.

2Co 2:8

REAFFIRM YOUR LOVE: That is, receive him back into the "agape", or "love feast"/breaking of bread.

2Co 2:11

SATAN: Explained in 2Co 11:3,14 as the "false teachers" among the believers, who will -- if possible -- lead others away from the Truth.

2Co 2:15

"My faith and belief should be made evident to those who know me. As an aroma which pleases some and repels others, it is worn with pride and confidence. To be an ambassador of Christ is a greatly cherished role. Thank you, Father, for trusting me with this role, and help me and guide me so as to bring forth a good representation of Your great and holy name" (CPv).

2Co 2:16

The principle of cedar in sacrifice (ie Num 19:6). Cedar is sweet, aromatic: "life to life", yet incorruptible, fatal to insects: "death to death". Cedar was used in Solomon's temple (1Ki 6:9,10,15...).

2Co 2:17

PEDDLE: The word translated "peddle" -- which is "kapeleuo" -- occurs only once in the NT. It refers to a huckster, a retailer, who by implication adulterates the goods he sells, for these hucksters in the apostles' days were notorious for their habit of watering the wine, and mixing their commodities, such as grain, with sawdust or the like. Men adulterate the wine of God's Word when they dilute it with the water of their own reason, and read into it what is not clearly there.

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