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Luke 14

Luk 14:1

HE WAS BEING CAREFULLY WATCHED: This was the real reason for the invitation! The wicked who watch to catch the righteous: Psa 37:32; Isa 29:20,21.

Luk 14:2

IN FRONT OF: "Emprosthen" = lit "in his eye", positioned so as not to be overlooked.

DROPSY: Early name for edema, collection of water in body cavities.

Luk 14:3

IS IT LAWFUL?: This was a "new thing" in the earth: the Law made no provisions for healing whatsoever.

Luk 14:4

AND SENT HIM AWAY: To save him for these unbelievers.

Luk 14:5

Four occasions in Luke where there is conflict about Jesus performing miracles, etc on the Sabbath: Luke 6:2,9; 13:14; 14:3.

FALLS INTO A WELL: Thus running the risk of drowning, just as a person with dropsy (v 2). Cp 1Co 9:9,10: is God concerned with oxen ONLY?

Luk 14:7

THE GUESTS PICKED THE PLACES OF HONOR AT THE TABLE: "They love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the synagogues" (Mat 23:6).

Luk 14:10

// Pro 25:6,7.

Luk 14:11

See Luk 11:43; 18:14; 20:46; 2Ch 7:14,15; Pro 3:34; 25:6,7; Mat 18:4; 23:12; Jam 4:10; 1Pe 5:6.

Luk 14:12

Advice for preaching the gospel.

Luk 14:14

RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS: Resurrection in the absolute, or completed, sense: 1Co 15:21,42,52; Phi 3:11; Mat 22:30.

Luk 14:16

Vv 16-24: The parable of "excuses": prosperity (v 18), work (v 19), and pleasure (v 20). (Gideon had to rid his army of the faint-hearted also!) "The principle of the parable still stands. Today men still 'ask off', pleading the claims of another field (ct Mat 13:44), another yoke (Mat 11:29), or another betrothal (ct 2Co 11:2)" (WGos 481).

Luk 14:18

THEY ALL ALIKE BEGAN TO MAKE EXCUSES: They seemed to have agreed together to stay away.

I MUST GO AND SEE IT: At supper time? A trivial, insulting excuse.

"We are all aware that the time is coming for the marriage feast of the Lamb. Are we so enthralled in our daily lives that we will be ones who put off attending? Yes, this life is always accelerating and we can easily be swept up in the tide, but we do not have to be. We really do have a choice where our focus is. We do make that choice every day. We can be Christ's slave now. We can make him master of our lives today. Then maybe we can be the ones to spread the glorious announcement that the feast is ready. We can be the ones to grab others like us who are poor, crippled, blind, and lame, and those who live in the highways and byways and compel them to the come. Let us be 'poor and crippled' to the riches of this life, but 'rich' in the love of our master today! The choice is ours now... not later" (CPv).

Luk 14:20

I JUST GOT MARRIED, SO I CAN'T COME: Treating the invitation as if it were conscription (Deu 24:5-7).

Luk 14:21

ANGRY: "Orgizo" -- a slow, deliberate hostility.

POOR: Those with no money to buy land (v 18).

CRIPPLED... BLIND: Those who could not work (v 19).

LAME: Those who could not marry (v 20)?

Luk 14:23

"Go even to the Gentiles" (cp Act 13:46).

Luk 14:24

NOT ONE OF THOSE MEN...: Words appropriate to the generation that perished in the wilderness: Deu 1:35.

Luk 14:25

Jesus turned to: to the following multitude (Luk 14:25), the backsliding disciple (Luk 22:61), the impulsive disciple (Mat 16:23), and the trembling believer (Mar 5:30).

Luk 14:26

HATE: See Mat 10:37; Luk 16:13. A Heb idiom (Hos 6:6n; cp Gen 29:30,31).

Luk 14:27

We should always give up worldly honors, for which we will be hated: Mat 10:22. Many have abandoned Christ as their first love, to serve a national patriotism, for example.

CARRY HIS CROSS AND FOLLOW ME: Fruit-bearers abiding IN Christ (Joh 15:5); witness-bearers speaking FOR Christ (Act 1:8); cross-bearers following AFTER Christ (Luk 14:27); burden-bearers being LIKE Christ (Gal 6:2).

Luk 14:30

BEGAN TO BUILD AND WAS NOT ABLE TO FINISH: In ct to God's great work: Heb 4:3; 12:2; Joh 19:30.

Luk 14:31

ABOUT TO GO TO WAR: "Sunballo" = talk with, ie about war; a war council.

Luk 14:32

Ct Josiah in 2Ki 23:29.

Luk 14:33

ANY OF YOU WHO DOES NOT GIVE UP EVERYTHING HE HAS CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE: "The eternal reward we claim to treasure so highly and seek so devotedly is perfection, spirituality, holiness, freedom from all the motions and lusts of the flesh, closeness to God, total godliness in thought and action. How badly do we really want this condition, and what are we really willing to give up to get it? If we are not willing to sacrifice everything else, and drop everything else in this life to strive for perfection in these divine things, then we reveal that our professed devotion to them and desire for them is shallow and weak. We really want the pleasure of this life and the flesh -- and then God later, when this life is over, and the flesh is worn out and has lost its excitement and appeal. Giving up what we have ceased to enjoy is no sacrifice. God wants our best now, not our dregs" (GVG).

"There are only two ways to be: only two sides to take -- God's side and the flesh's side. We have got to be all the way over on God's side in everything. We cannot mix it. We cannot have half-and-half. Salvation depends on total choice of God's side of every decision, every issue, every choice, every activity. Face it: it's for your life" (GVG).

Luk 14:34

HOW CAN IT BE MADE SALTY AGAIN?: Or, "How shall it [ie the sacrifice] be seasoned?"

Luk 14:35

Insipid salt would corrupt good soil; fit only for the manure pile.

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