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Judges 10

Jdg 10:1

"A people is happiest when it has the least history to record."

TOLA: Sig "scarlet" (Num 19); the crimson grub.

Jdg 10:3

JAIR: Sig "enlightened".

Jdg 10:4

SONS: Poss "disciples"?

DONKEYS: Animals of peace, in ct horses of war. A time of prestige and prosperity?

Jdg 10:6

Seven false gods which Israel served. Cp Jdg 10:11,12: seven nations from which God delivered Israel.

Jdg 10:7

A "pincers" movement: Philistia from west, and Ammon from east.

Jdg 10:8

THAT YEAR: That is, the year Jair died.

Jdg 10:11

Vv 11,12: Seven nations from which God delivered Israel. Cp Jdg 10:6: seven false gods Israel served.

Jdg 10:12

MAONITES: Sb "Midianites" (LXX, and mg).

Jdg 10:14

'Call on other gods, since the High Priest will no longer intercede with Me for you!'

Jdg 10:15

DO WITH US: Cp David's attitude towards divine judgment: 2Sa 24:14.

BEST: Heb "tob": cp Jdg 11:3: the man from "Tob".

Jdg 10:16

AND HE COULD BEAR ISRAEL'S MISERY NO LONGER: "In all their distress he too was distressed" (Isa 63:9).

Jdg 10:17

MIZPAH: Sig "watchtower". Josh 13:26 identifies it with Ramoth-gilead.

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