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Changes and website content updates

10 August 2021

Croogle search engine fixed and link to Giant Bible Maps added.

14 July 2020

Broken links for the Music of the Bible Revealed fixed.

8 January 2018

The Vision of Obadiah by Peter Schwartzkopff updated.

13 March 2017

Seven Seals & Night of Jesus Crucifixion Bible Insert added to graphics page.

13 September 2016

Graphics page added with Putin illustrations and Jehoshaphat map, 50 broken links fixed on the book list page, article by Jason Hensley added.

10 September 2016

New website

12 November 2015

Website migrated to new hosting, links and contact email fixed.

21 June 2014

More broken links fixed, and some books by Peter Schwartzkopff added.

29 April 2014

Broken links fixed.

17 March 2014

Addition of Suzanne Haik-Vantoura’s translations of the music of the Hebrew psalms.

26 January 2014

New website, addition of Croogle search engine and the Triennial reading cycle of Psalms and the Torah.

12 July 2013

Page redesign, review of dead-links and the inclusion of more than a 100 new books, study notes and articles.