Rick O'Connor
The Things Of The Kingdom And The Things Of The Name
The Bible: The Only Source Of Authority


Nostradamus – His “Prophecy” in Scriptural Perspective

“The blood of a just one at London will be lacking
Burnt by lightning of twenty three near six
The ancient lady shall fall from a high place
Many of the same sect shall be killed”.

Who was Michael de Nostredame?

The trinity; immortality of the soul; a supernatural devil; the Kingdom of God, the church.

Rejecting as error the Bible Truths:

One God, the Father; man mortal; human nature, the devil; the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Israel restored by Christ.

“The world will be destroyed”
“Abraham will inherit the world for ever” Genesis 13:14-17

“Inspiration” – “occult powers” derived from Jewish superstition and medieval Gentile ignorance -

“The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the tripod’s legs. With water he sprinkles both the hem of his garment and his foot. A voice, fear; he trembles in his robes. Divine splendour; the god sits nearby”. C I, 2.

But God Forbids this Ignorant Superstition

How Erica “dredged up” Hitler, Mussolini and the Pope out of the Danube!

C V, 29 -

“Liberty will not be recovered,
A black, proud, villainous one will occupy it:
When the matter of the bridge will be opened,
Of the Danube, the Republic of Venice vexed”.

Erica Cheetham interprets “Pont” (bridge) as Pope, and “Hister” (Danube) as Hitler, and Black = Fascisti = Blackshirts!

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