George Booker
A New Creation

42. Divisions Among Christadelphians

It is a sad fact that the independence (you will hear the word “autonomy” quite often in this context) of each Christadelphian ecclesia has led, in the past, to some disunity among various ecclesias. Even today, after many efforts at reconciliation and reunion (some successful), the Christadelphian body worldwide is to some extent still divided. It is quite possible for new believers to become aware of such problems and thereby receive a serious setback to their faith. They should be aware that, despite our high professions, we are all — individually and collectively — something less than perfect, and that divisions among the brothers, where they still exist, are only one melancholy reminder of our imperfections. The new believer should also be aware that many well-meaning and responsible brethren are working and praying that God may grant His children a better and more Scriptural unity of fellowship before the return of His Son.

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