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A New Creation

8. The Importance of Daily Bible Reading

The practice of reading the Bible from the chapters listed in the “Bible Companion” has been a feature of the Christadelphian community for many generations.

This practice is a good one to follow, and we should not be put off by the fear of its becoming a habit. There are, after all, good traditions to follow, as Paul often reminds his readers, and the daily reading of the Scriptures is one of these. Whether the tables of readings are followed or not, it is still true, as Robert Roberts said in his introduction to the Companion, that “salvation depends upon the assimilation of the mind to the divine ideas, principles, and affections exhibited in the Scriptures”.

This is therefore a plea to all of us, both young and old, not to neglect the reading of the Word of God, whatever system of reading we follow. May it long continue to be the practice in our homes to read our chapters as a natural part of each day, and when we meet in one another’s homes, let us get out our Bibles and “do the readings” together. There is no better way of promoting a good discussion of things worth talking about, and of leading us away from mere gossip and small talk.

Other Methods

The new believer has at hand several methods of daily Bible reading. The one most widely used by Christadelphians is embodied in Robert Roberts’ “Bible Companion”, as mentioned above. Also available are two other Bible Reading Charts which also cover the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in the course of a single year. While the Bible Companion accomplishes this by three rather short readings each day, from different parts of the Bible, the other plans concentrate on only one (somewhat longer) portion each day. This has the distinct advantage of continuity in reading. That is, an entire letter or short prophecy, or an entire connected section of a longer book, may be read straight through, without the artificial (and sometimes confusing) division into one or two chapters per day.

Whatever plan is used, it is certainly true that systematic daily Bible reading is essential if one is to discover — and remember — God’s revelation of Himself and His purpose. Bible believers neglect the daily readings only with extreme peril to their spiritual lives.

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