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Who Are the Christadelphians?

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A Separate People

While we stand firm for our faith as Christadelphians, we hope and pray that we may always stand in God's strength, not our own. Our present responsibility is so to humble ourselves before God that the likeness of His Son may be fashioned in us. Before men we cannot appear as political "reformers", nor may we fight to gain our ends, or to overturn human governments. We must refrain from bearing arms, for "the servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle unto all men, and patient" (2Ti 2:24). Our Lord himself will direct his servants in truly changing the world when he returns, but since his kingdom is not of this present age, we will not now fight (Joh 18:36). In an unbelieving world the Lord's servants are spiritually stateless, strangers and pilgrims (1Pe 2:11), having here no continuing city (Heb 13:14). For this reason they consider the world's politics no concern of theirs, and they are only concerned to be obedient, where conscience does not forbid, to the powers who rule over them (Rom 13:1-7). [See Lessons, Politics and voting, and Military and police.]

Christadelphians must stand for all these things, for we believe that they are true and faithful. But we have no wish to stand apart from any who on these terms would wish to join us. It is always a pleasure and a joy to hear from those who want to know more about our hope, and who are willing to be taught by the word of God.

If these simple things which Christadelphians believe have struck a responsive chord in you the reader, then we invite you to visit with us, to write to us, or to attend our Bible studies, and to discuss these matters further. God has promised that He will draw to Himself all those who humbly seek Him with all their hearts.
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