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Who Are the Christadelphians?

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The Second Coming

When we come to the Lord's second advent, Christadelphians find themselves in a strange position. We believe, as stated plainly in most common creeds, that Jesus will return to earth to judge the living and the dead. The difference is, each and every Christadelphian believes it wholeheartedly, and has nothing that he or she would want to put in its place. And in a world where contemporary opinion often runs contrary to the word of God, this absolute and uncompromising conviction of so ancient a belief is yet another position that sets us apart.

It is our firm conviction, then, that the Lord will return in glorious bodily form from heaven (Act 1:11). We believe that, when he comes, he will find a world unwilling, on the whole, to receive him; indeed, to the contrary: willing to engage in open rebellion against him (Psa 2; Rev 19:19). Christadelphians also believe that Christ will, as he must, establish political rule over the kingdom of the world for himself (Dan 2:44; Rev 20:4). We believe that Israel, brought back to Palestine from all nations, will repent from its former wickedness in crucifying him (Zec 12:10) and will then see him there in his glory. (We do not believe, as does the "Church of Christ", that the "Kingdom of God" began when the church was established on the day of Pentecost; the "church" and the "kingdom" are two very different Biblical concepts.) We believe that the Lord's coming will be accompanied by the raising of the dead (2Ti 4:1), so that those who have known him may be judged before him according to their works (Dan 12:2; Joh 5:28,29). Then, we believe, and then only, will immortality be conferred in a physical body upon those whom the Lord finds faithful, immortality along with an endless inheritance in a blessed earth (2Ti 4:8; Phi 3:20,21; Mat 5:5).

From those men who believe the earth will be destroyed forever, and the righteous rewarded in heaven, we must stand apart. From those who, while professing to believe in the ultimate return of the Lord Jesus, reduce the hope to unimportance by their more immediate hope of heaven, we must also stand apart if we are to stand for the true teaching of the Scriptures.

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